Saturday, February 28, 2009

Afgrund - Svarta Dagar

Afgrund are a new comer in worlwide grindcore scene from Sweden that was formed in 2006. This "Svarta Dagar" Cd was their debut full length released under Lifestage Production, and by the time has been released by Emetic Records in 2008. Consist of 15 tracks which are reflects their deep roots in hardcore punk, death and other extreme styles. Unlike a lot of grind acts Afgrund’s music is not solely focused on the fast parts, but infuses these with vicious bouts of punkish bestial groove that enable this material to fully sink in rather than wash over. The professionalism and skill shown in musicianship and song craft is damn impressive though. All fifteen tracks are strong and offer the listener all the razor sharp riffs, blasting drums, and over the top speed they could ask for. Overall, this album was fullfilled with ultra violent discharge also a non stop blast-beat and makes you remember the good old days where Punk and Hardcore ruled the underground scene.
As i informed, Afgrund have officially signed with Willowtip Records. The label will release the band's second full-length, Vid Helvetets Grindar (At The Gates Of Hell), in 2009. Just wait.

Download Afgrund - Svarta Dagar full album

Suicidal Tendencies - Join The Army

This second full length by these Crossover leading act from Los Angeles-Suicidal Tendencies, was actually released by Carolne Records in 1987. Four years after their self titled debut and some new faces (except Muir of course) the sound is raw and heavier. One of the well known albums that had the crossover genre of punk and metal known as thrash. Mike Muir used different vocal ranges compared to the self-titled album (sometimes sounding similar to Lemmy from Motörhead). The best cut on the album is probably the most atypical Suicidal song there is, the anthemic title track. This sort of swaggering adrenaline pumper will give you swivel neck after the first bar. An instant heavy classic that ends with a manic thrash fest. Unfortunatelly, the sound is bit thicker than their self titled previous album. There could have been many reasons for this fiasco, but considering the renewed quality of the following year's How Will I Laugh Tomorrow, perhaps the most likely is that Join the Army was a transitional album in the transformation of the band's sound from hardcore punk to thrash metal.
Well, not much to say, this is a classics band with their well know and worth collected albums, what's more to expect?

Download Suicidal Tendencies - Join The Army full album

Bleeding Through - Declaration

This was the fifth studio album by these crucial Metalcore attackers - Bleeding Through released in 2008 by well known Trust Kill Records. It was also the first album for Bleeding Through worked with their new guitar player ; Jona Weinhofen ex-member of I Killed The Prom Queen after the departure of founding member Scott Danough. The album is a thinly veiled blast of hatred towards the powers that be channeled through 12 tracks of thunderous, beastly hardcore full of aggression, desperation and dissatisfaction. Chaotic drumming, backed by the intense guitars, they have songs that will remind you of their previous work but they have also incorporated more death and black metal influences into the mix this time. They've always had a gothic sound to them but the keyboards were never really fleshed out enough to show this.Bleeding Through is always at their best when they're playing fast and thrashy, with galloping riffs and angry lyrics. On the previous efforts, vocalist Brandan Schieppati’s shout was often distorted, but this time he comes through clean and clear. There’s also some singing that shows up in the chorus of the songs “Sister Chalatan”, “Death Anxiety” and in the ballad “The Loving Memory of England”, which is nothing but a clean guitar tone and Brandans lone voice.
All in all, after six years kicking around the scene, here it come, their latest effort which show people that you can be heavy and not sound like everyone else in Metalcore genre.

Download Bleeding Through - Declaration full album

Friday, February 27, 2009

Repulsion - Horrified

This was a re-released by Relapse records from the original 1986 full lenght of these Grindcore pioneer - Repulsion. Taking influence from such reknowned extreme metal bands like Possessed and Celtic Frost, as well as the hardcore of Discharge and Agnostic Front, and topping it off with a lyrical gangbang of blood, guts, zombies and gore, Repulsion turned all the knobs up to 11 and recorded an album of some of the fastest, most aggressive, blistering, face-melting music of all time. Repulsion were mentioned as the first band who played grindcore music together with S.O.B ( Japan) and Napalm Death. This was also an album that created the proto gore grind and the album that influenced the future generation of death metal bands. This is Repulsion’s Horrified. Back in 1986 these guys were probably the most extreme thing on the Earth and their previous demos were a complete innovation for malevolence, putridity and speed. Nobody played like them in that period. Carcass and Napalm Death were still punkish in their style, while the only band that was close to them were Terrorizer, but they were not so rotten. This entire album is in fact the soundtrack to the impending death of mankind. With excellent and erratic solos, which can only be found in 80's death/grind.What more needs to be said? It’s a grindcore album. This was what grindcore was meant to sound like. Gritty and raw as possible with short, sudden bursts of energy. If you already claim yourself as a grinder, then this one would be a must have for you.

Download Repulsion - Horrified full album 

Born Against - The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure

This was the 2003 re-issue which the original was released in 1996 under Kill Rock Stars Record. "The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure" was a compilation contains 22 songs in 50 minutes, collects all remaining 7", 8" and compilation tracks from Born Against's 1989 - 1993 history. Born Against are on of the few bands who truly live the punk ideal (along with Crass, Conflict etc). Their aesthetic embodied the revolutionary ideal that punk stood for. It also adheres to the toungue in cheek sarcasm that punk has also idealised for so long. And this is an album containing possibly the most vicious hardcore punk ever put to disc. The music is fast and powerful. It's blistering, raw, in your face, intelligent and dripping with cynicism. While they had some of the slowness / heaviness that characterized 90s hc (and in some senses, soured it and turned it into slow, bland mosh metal ala Pantera) - they also maintained the great 80's-styled creative guitar work ala Black Flag or Articles of Faith.
If this world were everything that it claims to be, Born Against would have stuck around longer and gone down in history as one of those classic hardcore bands like Agnostic Front and the Circle Jerks. I think they deserve to be called as Legend.

Download Born Against - The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure full album

Seein' Red - Workspiel

Originally, "Workspiel" from the legendary Hardcore Punk band from Netherland - Seein' Red was released in 1993 as Lp's which were distributed limited for 1000 copies and this record became a sought-after classic soon after it came out. By the time it was being re-released by Coalition records in 2005 in CD format. Seein' Red always find a healthy mix between fast and short style of raging punk thrash combined with left wing politics lyrics that tells alot about anti capitalism. As they always believe that the capitalist system breeds most, if not all, ills in this world. It seem that Seein Red wants to be part of something that stresses the importance of political thought and action in the punk/hardcore community. As they always state that punk/hardcore should be an political underground movement, independent from the mainstream music industry.
By the way, this "Workspiel" had become a rare worth colected record before, and thanks for Coalition Records for the Re-release.

Download Seein' Red - Workspiel full album

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Indecision - Release The Cure

It was the final fourth full length studio album by these Brooklyn Hardcore legend - Indecision that was produced by well known Roger Miret and released under M.I.A. Records in 1999. This was also an album which Decision worked with the new vocalist : Artie Phillie. This was an extremely sociopolitical CD is that focused as it is intense. The music itself sounds quite angry -- Indecision's amelodic songs have a dense, claustrophobic quality, and even if you didn't understand a word of English, you'd get the impression that Indecision was full of anger. Indecision have always presented hardcore as an inspiring unity and an educational process to urban enlightenment. "Release The Cure" is no exception in it's message about the failures of a modern social-polotical landscape defined by monitary accomplishment and physical repression. Further, the pairing of Rachel Rose and Justin Brannan on guitar drives Indecision's pungent delivery with grooves and deadly breakdowns. Indecision are always good at melding a multitude of seemingly simple riffs into an intricate web of fury. Rhythm is the all-conquering factor here, with the vocals providing a near-percussive assault to match the bass and drums. All in all, this CD was angry hardcore that blown away with generally intelligent, thought and influenting way.

Download Indecision - Release The Cure full album

Capitalist Casulaties - Subdivisons In Ruins

This was a full length by seminal California political thrashcore band- Capitalist Casualties that was released under Six Weeks Records in 1999. Consist of 21 blistering tracks of lethal political hardcore played at warp speed and with a virulent anger unmatched by most bands. For those still unfamiliar, this Bay Area band set the standard in the 90's for stop and start, relentless fast hardcore with harsh, depressing and political lyrical outbursts. If you have any doubts that a band this long lived and "classic" can still pack a punch then you better get off your cynical butt and pick up this album. After setting the mark that most extreme hardcore bands today still only hope to achieve, Capitalist Casualties now go even further. This is their fastest, leanest, most intense recording to date! A monument to blazing hardcore thrash, with a brutal homage to speed and power.

Download Capitalist Casualties - Subdivisons In Ruins full album

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Job For A Cowboy - Genesis

Job For A Cowboy's debut full length studio album that relased in 2007 under Metal Blade Records after their last EP in 2005 entitled : "Doom". This "Genesis" CD was developed as a concept album not just lyrically, but musically as well. The guitars riff with and against each other through wavy polyrhythmic drum patterns that go from balls out blast beats, to jazzy break progressions. Johnny Davys growls pummel you with incredibly well written lyrics telling a story about the rise of the anti-Christ in a post 9/11 world, and you'll also hear some his higher pitched screams from time to time. The sound has evolved from deathcore to straight ahead death metal. Genesis is packed with thundering blast beats and a heaping dose of extremity. Guitarists Ravi Bhadriraju and Bobby Thompson do a good job at creating innovative riffs and play some quick but skillfull solos. Death metal isn't usually a subtle genre, but they manage to insert some subtle guitar harmonies and twists. The band members work as a lean, mean, well-oiled, skull-crushing machine, as they chock every other song full of rocketing tempos, pummeling, rapid-fire blast beats, and excellent, swirling, inventive, smoke-inducing guitar licks. Sometimes, as with "Altered From Catechization," a song will have buzzsaw riffs that are so fast and ferocious that they evoke helicopter blades.

Overall, it was an amazing Death Metal album for sure. A record that would bring you into a non stop crazy head banging activity.  

Download Job For A Cowboy - Genesis full album.

Sinister - Hate

It was a death metal album that it structures built from vast impact and the extension of change construct intricate conflicts of unrelenting musical difference, letting the rich harmony of their dissonant chording conclude blasting nihilistic structures. Rough-throated shout vocals churn with percussion and emphasize belligerent blast beats. "Hate" was Sinister's thirth full length that was released by well known Nuclear Blast in 1995, and surely it had been a worth classic deat metal album nowadays. A solid death metal release, well above the average. It has a lot of good things going on that keep you interested, and the songs don't all sound the same. There are a few thrash and black metal elements in here as well, but not too much as to ruin things. The riffing here is precise, percussive, and very American-sounding, showing a lot of influence from Deicide’s Legion as well as the extended family of New York death metal bands. The lyrics are very Satanic and irreligious and angry, often devolving into blasphemous gang-shouts a’la “Satan spawn the Cacodaemon! Satan spawn the Cacodaemon!”: it’s not hard to imagine Glen Benton shouting “To Mega Therion! To Mega Therion! Six-six-six!”. :)

For you who are into Death Metal tunes, hearing this would be a great experience.

Download Sinister - Hate full album

Ramallah - Kill A Celebrity

If you want to find a record to participate you everytime you feel so sick with society, maybe this "Kill A Celebrity" CD would be the best choise. Don’t believe me? Take a small peak into the liner notes, and you’ll catch my drift real quickly. White Trash Rob (Vocalist) hates MTV, he hates the government, he hates liars, and he hates them all in a surprisingly intelligent and articulate manner. "Kill A Celebrity" is their 2005 full length studio album by these angry hardcore - Ramallah that was released under Thorp Records. This album was angry hardcore that full filled with honesty, rage, clarity of vision, command over political-centered lyrics and a refusal to be limited by any pre-conceptions of what hardcore should be about. Yeah, this is an all out attack against the societal ills that plague us and we refuse to deal with. Musically the band’s sound is vastly different from Blood for Blood, ( White Trash Rob'S main band ) it has a sound that incorporates hardcore, pop punk, rock and even an older nu-metal sound that rears up from time to time. You can also find a coversong from legendary Beatles : "A Day In The Life.". I believe this is one of the best covers I have heard of one of Beatles's songs. By the way, this is Ramallah with their angry agression, let's do something with the energy while being provoked. Yeah, There's violence here. But it goes deeper than that.

Download Ramallah - Kill A Celebrity full album

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Asshole Parade - Embers

This "Embers" CD was the 2006 Studio album by these Florida based five piece After their 2005 release entitlled : "Say Good Bye", and I can say their assault of furious hardcore leaves me pretty  impressed. Formed in 1995, it been almost 13 years Asshole Parade thrashing around in worldwide hardcore scene. "Embers" was 21 tracks of circle pit-inducing thrashy hardcore bordering on powerviolence with those smart and clever lyrics they have become known for. Manic, urgent hardcore blazes and smokes from every angle, felling all pit barons with a tangle of legs, downing all airborne crowd pirates with human flack! Lyricwise Asshole Parade vents mostly angry expressions on both personal and political themes, with an honourable mention to Rethroned Emperor, a rant against Dubya disguised as a black metal parody with dark imagery in the lyrics to match. To sum it all up: short, fast, loud and with a heart. It’s hardcore for real!

Download Asshole Parade - Embers full album

Monday, February 23, 2009

Terrorust - Post Mortal Archive

This is an Australian Brutal band that built from the fallen pieces of Damaged. Terrorust is really a redefinition and extension of what they had done in the past: a blitzkrieg relentless assault of death, black and grind and a complete disregard for trends or anything else. This "Post Mortal Archive" CD was their self release debut studio album in 2006 contains 10 brutal and heavy tracks. If you checked the previous Damaged's albums, you can still expect the quick vocals, the venomous drum beats and even infectious yet simple guitar riffs that put Damaged at the top of their game. The songs are longer, and many of the riffs are memorable, so don't expect this to be totally mindless grindcore. The band doesn't only rely on super aggression (although there's plenty of it here), they also know how to write a song. Imagine, Nasum, Pig destroyer, and some touch of death metal being perfectly blended inside this "Post Mortal Archive" CD, yeah, it would be a 38 minutes of bludgeoning brutality.

Download Terrorust - Post Mortal Archive full album

Monster X - Indoctrination (Discography)

"Indoctrination" was the completed discography by these Brutal Gutturall Straight Edgers form Albany-Monster X from birth until death. Consist of 44 tracks of brutal, metallic hardcore with a grind edge. For those unaware, the band plays fast hardcore rooted in the old school style, but with a really dirty level of distortion and fucking sick low vocal growls (sometimes swaying over towards higher sneers). There's not a whole lot of diversity at all, so over an hour of material can be a bit much for one sitting, but the completeness factor is totally in check, and there are some definite winners here. They also mixed typical hardcore mosh guitars with grindcore and political lyrics. I really like the lyrics a lot. The topics cover political issues with a few more personal angles or scene related subjects, but the approach isn't generic at all. From their birth in 1993 until their last show in 1998, Monster X were important for their unbelievably devastating sound, but as noteworthy for their entelligence and for the well deserved punch in the throat they gave to the stagnant straight edge scene of the time. Highly regarded, appreciated, and in some circles beloved by youth crew, metal, grind, and crust punks alike. The Band that would deserve to be called "Legend" nowadays. 

Download Monster X - Indoctrination Discography full album

Arkangel - Is Your Enemy

This was the last knowm studio album by these Belgian Metalcore monsters that was released by GSR music on June 2008. This CD is pure fuckin' metalcore from the '90ies combined with modern metal stuff: there's no one break, this record sounds evil and rough from first to last second. The thing I liked about them back then was, that they delivered some plain and brutal songs packed with hatred and fast and whirling guitars. Their sound has evolved over the years and since "Prayers Upon Deaf Ears" CD, but that’s not a surprise considering to their line up reformation. The Slayer-esque guitar riffs are still present. Yet it sounds like the coming of guitarist Kirby (ex-Length Of Time) has added more layers to the music of the band. Some songs are really slow, like ‘13th Hour’ and ‘Slow But Heavy’. But overall, they still sound like Arkangel, they still have their signature aggressive sound and the songs are still pretty good. If you are into hardcore music that well kept with Metal guitar playing, this one directly for you. 

Download Arkangel - Is Your Enemy full album 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

S.O.B. - Still Grind Attitude

S.O.B. also know as SxOxBx which is an acronym for : Sabotage Organized Barbarian. Formed in 1983 in Osaka, Japan, S.O.B were mentioned as grindcore pioneers together with Repulsion and Napalm Death. This "Still Grind Attitude" CD was released in 2003 under Toshiba - Emi music, consist of 25 tracks that bring them back into their grindcore roots and leaving behind their Experimental Hardcore's sound. It was also a re-recording of some old materials with new members after Tottsuan, their former vocalist and lifeline died painfully in a grotesque suicide. Not much to say, if you want to go back to the S.O.B. glory days, the time when they turning their music direction from Hardcorepunk into more aggresive music that would be known as Grindcore nowadays, try to check this one. But it would be in different taste considering to their members reformation.

Download S.O.B. - Still Grind Attitude full album

Lamb Of God - Wrath ( 2009 )

Maybe this "Wrath" CD would be the most awaiting album from these veteran Virginian metalcore leading act - Lamb Of God in this February. "Wrath" would be the fifth full lenght studio album that would be released in February 24th 2009 under Epic Records and distributed world wide by Sony music, this album is a new kind of groovy thrash. This is a new more technical face of Lamb Of God. Chris Adler once said ; " The goal for me this time was to make a straight-up, heavy metal, thrash record that doesn’t rely on any studio magic.” In fact, "Wrath" were full filled with Brutal and scream vocals, huge riffs and excellent melodies. The five Virginian metalheads have used their experience as a band wisely, never failing to keep all that makes Lamb of God what is has been secure, while constantly showing improvements in their instrumental prowess. "Wrath" has a newfound pole-driving intensity and a more diverse dynamic that's galvanised solidly together. "Wrath" is a stormer and a contender for most popular, if not one of the best, metal albums of the year. Be prepared!

Download Lamb Of God - Wrat ( 2009 ) full album

What Hapen Next? - Standfast Armageddon Justice Fighter

This was a re - relase by Pollution Records of a crucial record by these legendary thrashcore leading act - What Hapen Next in 2008 which the original "Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter" was released in 2000. For the first, let's get back to the glory days of Crossover era, the era of a mixture of punk and metal. I miss those days. Punk was no longer the three chord simpleton. A hot fuel injection of speed and dexterity was shot into those veins and brought about quite a monster. Now, people still dismiss the influence of metal in punk, but you know I always thought all that hardcore stuff was just metal anyway. And What Hapen Next is leading the pack of the 80s positive hardcore revival bands. What started out as sort of a joke/tribute band has blossomed into a serious and powerful musical force. Inside this "Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter" CD, you can find an album with Intelligent lyrics, tons of fast and catchy riffs, this is just pure fun. They get lumped in the crossover genre - they have their D.R.I., Attitude Adjustment and C.O.C. influences, but for the most part it's just pure fast, blazing and energetic hardcore. What Hapen Next.? are going straight for the throat with their mixture of blender guitars and pounding rhythms and they definitely draw blood. The vocals are classic hatecore flavored (a style that has never lacked severity) and are the perfect compliment for the personal and political tirades of the lyrics. Too bad this band got disbanded, i think What Hapen Next were the master of the masters of "gone in 60 second" music.

Download What Hapen Next? - Standfast Armageddon Justice Fighter full album.

Migra Violenta - Holocausto Capitalista

This was the 2004 studio album by these crust hardcore attacker from Argentina - Migra Violenta released under Infected Records. Migra Violenta plays a symphonic soundtrack of pure venomous rage. The anger, speed and sound remind me of Los Crudos, and the heavy part remind me about DropDead. Yeah, this is breakneck hardcore in a style that falls somewhere between Dropdead and Los Crudos. All of the lyrics are extremely political and bluntly to the point (English translations are provided) and are screamed with the utmost of urgency. In other countries where there is not an overabundance of material items and luxuries, I would believe that it fuels the rage in the creation of music. So I picture these punks who are shunned because, from what I remember, the country has a strong religious base, they are martyrs. On top of being poor, because of the lifestyle they chose, they saw with clear eyes the injustices of life when you do not conform.This is cutteing edge, pissed-off, punk rock that certainly pushed the boundaries in more ways than one!

Download Migra Violenta - Holocausto Capitalista full album

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rotor - Behind The 8th Ball

Fiuuuh..., after almost 2 month doing searching finally thanks God! i found this one, the most rare and my most favorit everlasting local thrash metal album. This was the first full lenght studio album by the first to be known of Indonesian band who played thrash metal genre- Rotor. Released in 1992 under Airo Records ( the same label which released Edane's first album) in Audio Cassettes format. Irvan Sembiring, the front man was doing his best job for putting this album as the most essential and crucial thrash metal album with great lyrics inside it. It was recorded in the time when recording session still uses direct live recording with 8 way track channels. All the songs were raging while full speed drumming from Bakkar ( The Drum Player ) running within, good rifting, thrashy voice, all that needed to destroy the traditional paradigm in Indonesia music culture at the time. The pioneer would always be the legend, and that why Rotor would always be the one. If you want to dig about Indonesian metal music history, this one is a must have!

Download Rotor - Behind The 8th Ball full album

Ryker's - Life's a Gamble.. So is Death.

This was the 1999 full studio album by These veterans of Kassel germany hardcore. Go back to their glory days in the end of 90's when every hardcore guy wears ryker's Tshirts everywhere, this album also give to us an unforgetable Anthemic track entitled "You'll Never Walk Alone" as the last track for this "Life Is Gamble.. So is Death" CD. Released under Thorp Records, contains 17 tracks of straight up hardcore with a lot of metal. Yeah, it was an Excellent fast hardcore with great breakdowns and rough raspy vocals. It incorporates metal in the mix.The best way to describe them would be imagine Sick Of It All with a little more brutality in the music and deeper vocals. It's a ferocious record of slamming riffs and propulsive drumming, even if the sameness of the approach tends to wear over the course of the album. In Conclusion, i would say that it would be a memorable and worth colected for all fans of hardcore music. They were one who play the original kind.

Download Ryker's - Life's A Gamble.. So Is Death full album

Kreator - Horder Of Chaos

"Horder Of Chaos" is the newest 2009 full studio album by this thrash metal legend - Kreator that released under SPV Records after their last 2005 album entitled : "Enemy Of God". Much like other Kreator's album before, all of the 10 songs are actually catchy without compromising the integrity or heaviness of the rest of the material- the hooks are not Poppy in the slightest, but are extremely memorable, in the best possible way. Due to the fact of having that barring vocals, killer gripping guitar solos, with some ground breaking melodies brings this album up to speed putting it into overdrive sending the speed limit to a zillion! The album was recorded using a live setting 4-track tape recorder with no overdubs or anything to get in it's way putting out an record that is a true masterpiece to the thrash metalhead in you. Using the political and religious tensions prevalent on the geopolitical stage as a thematic starting point, “Hordes of Chaos” is filled with frenetic riffs, bursts of speed intermixed with moments of melody and Mille’s fluid guitar work, and a couple of well placed, soft spoken acoustical passages somewhat reminiscent of Metallica, circa “Master of Puppets” or so

In short, Kreator have delivered an excellent album and demonstrate that, like Destruction, there is still plenty of life left in classic German thrash metal.

Download Kreator - Horder OF Chaos full album

Corrupted - El Mundo Frio

This was the 2005 studio album by this japanese doom/sludge master - Corrupted entitled: El Mundo Frio that released under HG Fact. The record itself is a whole other gushing story...71 min., It begins very quietly and slowly, also very gracefully, and continues its gentle path until the sledgehammer guitars and drums pound their way in and take up the melody. "El Mundo Frio" is in many ways similar, but superior to the previous full-length. It's to the point and it's very effective. A cloud of shimmering drone underpins hazy, haunting piano and warm chordal swells, plucked harps and simple finger picked guitars. Corrupted have a divine capability to be able to fuse melody and heaviness. As always vocals in Spanish. Comes beautifully packaged as part of a high quality hard-back book with artwork. It was the most essential for all diehard fans of sludge metal.

Download Corrupted - El Mundo Frio full album

Morning Again - Hand Of The Martyr

This was the last album also a compilation of Morning Again's classic releases, 'Hand of Hope', and 'Martyr' recorded together with a live set from Europe. Released under Eulogy Records in May 2002, consist of 19 tracks of good comprehensive analysis of '90s metalcore. Thick and crushing guitars slam your head off the pavement, Slayer-esque riffing (minus the obnoxious King/Hanneman soloing), throbbing breakdowns that churn out intertwined guitar chugging speared by tight, breakneck chokes, hypnotic drumming, brooding acoustic passages fastened to dense guitar distortion, and the main man, Kevin B. spewing out vegan-straightedge ideals.

All in all, "Hand Of The Martyr" an extremely successful trip into the past and a worthy farewell to one of the most innovative, original and at the same time least known bands in the hardcore scene. Both musically and visually - the new artwork has been lovingly designed - makes this CD a lot, and should be on every hardcore fan of the shelves, where the originals have not decorate the plate rack. 

Download Morning Again - Hand of The Martyr full album

Arab On Radar - Soak The Saddle

Powerful and cathartic, Arab On Radar represent a unique brand of psycho-neurological terrorism. Listeners have reported seizures, heart attacks, and heightened states of sexual arousal upon repeated use. This "Soak The Saddle" was the thirth studio album by this Rhodes Island Noise Rock act in 1999 ( 3 years before disbanded ) under Skin Graft Records. "Soak the Saddle" CD contains jumbled, blathering, and spastic noise rock coupled with vocals shifting in and out of coherence, rambling on about quirky dirty-sex abstractions and childish dirty-diaper themes. Something that confused me was the title of the songs, they were entitled as numbers, but it was randomised. Though it may be considered punk in some circles to aggravate the listener, it's pretty unpunk to charge people money for it. This relentless grind and screech could suffice as passable garage scrape-core if coupled with an intelligent, provoking singer. The music is driven by the pounding drums, and also two guitars which duel like scratchy, trebly, Bizarro-world versions of Mick Taylor and Keith Richards. The songs don't go on too long, and each one has a new idea, and overall it was a menacing or powerful album with crusty drums jackhammer. Guitars whistle like tea is ready. It's shrill and calculated.

Download Arab On Radar - Soak The Saddle full album

Friday, February 20, 2009

Throwdown - Vendetta

Prepared yourself to be provided with brutal breakdowns and in-your-face riffs, a perfectly mixed of Pantera ( the vocalist really sounds a bit like Phil Anselmo, the singer of Pantera ) and sloganeering anthems a la Hatebreed. This "Vendetta" CD was the fourth full studio album by this Orange County Hardcore act - Throwdown, which was released under well known Trustkill Records in 2005. This album is tight, polished, and ready to strip you down and make you anti-mosh in your underwear. Over the years Throwdown has always delivered a steady onslaught of brutally heavy hits, and "Vendetta" is no exception. Some of the spiteful, caustic riffs echo Dimebag Darrell, but it's the singer's howls that really bring Pantera to mind. Vocalist Dave Peters switches off between Phil Anselmo-like shrieks and Hatebreed-esque bellows and shout alongs. Still standing strong after all these years, the group remains steadfastly committed to representing the voice of those unloved, disrespected, and ignored. With topics ranging form friendship to straight edge to life in general the heartfelt lyrics of Dave Peters, aren’t to be taken lightly. Well, this is Throwdown, the most brutal bands on the prowl. Get the fuck up and start doing windmills in your living room dood!

Download Throwdown - Vendetta full album

Raised Fist - Sound Of The Republic

It was the fourth full length studio album by this Swedish Hardcore Monsters- Raised Fist in 2006, 4 years after the thirth one in 2002 entitled : "Dedication". "Sound Of The Republic" released under Burning Heart Record, contains 12 tracks roughing during almost 37 minutes. Very tight songwriting, nothing too complicated instrumentally, just good clean hardcore, but i would contend that the singer has one of the best voices in hardcore, it's not incomprehensible screams as some bands are prone to do. Its yelling with a message and definitely worth checking out. Raised Fist has been known for quite a while now in the world of hardcore and modern metal. With their explosive tracks on cd’s as ’Dedication’ (2002), ‘Ignoring The Guidelines’ (2000) and ‘Fuel’ (1998) the Swedish group left a crushing impression. This album embraces a number of new sounds, increasing the dynamic of the album dramatically. Like labelmates Refused, the band understands the rules of hardcore and is just as capable of bending or breaking them when necessary. “Some of These Times,” for example, spends time playing with tempos and effectively building aggression along with a far more rock-oriented riff structure in the tradition of peers like the Suicide File. The use of new melodic elements (guitar as well as vocals), solid production and almost neverending energy transported by the tracks makes this a great record. Well, Raised Fist have followed in their footsteps since 1993, walking a steady line between political hardcore and intense metal. Here they go with their 4th album.

Download Raised Fist - Sound Of The Republic full album

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dropdead - Discography

This is a discography CD from this American hardcore punk leading act - Dropdead that released in 1994 under Armaggedon Records. A collection of 39 songs compiled from the first 7", the split 8" with Rupture, the split 5" with Crossed Out, and several compilation songs. The complete early studio tracks on one release. A ton of grinding powerviolence, rushing through all tracks, pumped your anger to be blown even if you never asked for it. Dropdead has proved to be highly influential to modern strains of hardcore and crust, having brought a level of brutality previously unknown in traditional hardcore and staying true to the DIY ethic throughout their extended career. Well, i don't have much to say, Dropdead would always be a crucial band in Hardcore/Grindcore worldwide scene, and here they come with their (uncompleted) discography. Enjoy!

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Hirax - Barrage Of Noise

Hirax is a thrash metal band from Orange County, California. Formed in 1984, the band has played in Los Angeles and San Francisco with the other new thrash metal bands of the area such as Metallica, Exodus, and Slayer. This "Barrage Noise" EP is their 2001 release under Deepsix records contains 8 bloody raw thrash tracks and also the first release after they got reformated. I think the compositions inside the EP are alot more varied and ambitious than earlier, and the album sounds quite different from the band's original releases in the eighties. Since their popularity over the years has been maintained in large part due to the power violence scene's obsession with them, I fully expected HIRAX to try and make a power violence record. They didn't. They keep made a HIRAX record. Sure there are some classic HIRAX moments here but this is definitely a new piece of the HIRAX legacy. There are some slower and more melodic moments on the CD that took me a bit by surprise but after repeated listens I have grown to appreciate them as well. Maybe this is not the best if we compare it with previous Hirax's albums in the old days, but i'm still really sure that it's still Hirax thrashing all the way they go.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Disharmonic Orchestra - Expositionsprophylaxe

I was still in junior high school when a kid in my neighbourhood gave me this album and i even not yet understand about what death metal is. And now, this album goes down in history in my book as one of the classic death-defining albums and bands. It was the Re-release in 2000 of 1990's Disharmonic Orchestra's studio album released under Nuclear Blast after their "Disharmonisation" compilation LP which was released in the same yaer. Some songs are a bit older and still firmly based on tightly performed death metal with a lot of grindcore influences in the most unussual kind. The trio have spiced up their music with a lot of variations and disjointed riffs to make listening to 'Expositionprophylaxe' an interesting experience. On the other hand, the rhythmic section is clearly composed of very talented musicians and it can be heard on each and every song. The drummer is certainly standing out as the driving force of this band, constantly changing drum patterns. “Expositionsprophylaxe” had character and was very orginal and those facts alone are remarkable already within the death metal scene. It also is a very good album that still is fun to listen to. Very under-rated. Extreme talent in this band, deep, mentally inspiring music. Harsh and heavy, recorded old school. Give it the chance to become one of your all time favorites album to be listened.

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Union 13 - East Los Presents...

It was in the middle of 2001, when the first time i bought this record in a Audio Cassette format. This is old style Hardcore that perfectly blended with politically aware lyrics crushing through 18 hard and fast tracks. This raw 18-song record is full of youthful anger, which is well articulated and cohesive without sounding calculated or contrived. "East Los Presents.." was the first studio album by these bunch of hispanic latino hardcore kids that released in july 1997 under Epitaph Records. Union 13 mix politics and guitars in a thrashing mess that recalls the original LA punk scene. these guys can pump out the fast tunes faster than you can say "WOW!" Speed is one thing these guys excel at, and composing beats that will pull you in and make you beg for more is the other thing they excel at. Not only do these guys sing songs in English, they also can do speedy tracks in their native language of Spanish. But you won't be able to tell the difference. The words will just flow right by you. The music is what you'll hear, and the words will just be too fast to understand. But don't worry, with 18 tracks to keep you happy, you'll be breaking things and running around for the whole thirty one minutes and forty six seconds this CD is playing. Make yourself ready..

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Rotten Sound - Cycles

There is an overt Hardcore tone with plenty of mid-paced songs mixed in with the standard Rotten Sound grind. Their riffing has advanced well beyond Exit and they are able to pull off moments of melody without any pretension. This "Cycles" was the last newest album by this grinders - Rotten Sound released under Spinefarm Records in the early of 2008. Cycles, like Exit ( Previous full lenght ), is also an 18-track record chock full of abrasive, caustic grindcore that, regardless of tempo, eviscerates with ease. Though it may seem that a 34-minute album is on the short side, brevity (murder)works in Rotten Sound’s favor because it allows them to deliver punishing blow after punishing blow without ever overstaying their welcome. The guitars are not as drowned as in the Consume to Contaminate EP, which is a relief, but are considerably more thick than in the Exit album.The songs still retain that extreme and chaotic but paradoxically melodic and simply organic aura Rotten Sound managed to develop in Murderworks and improved in Exit. However this album has a new feeling in it. It's darker, it's more insane. Vocalist Keijo Niinimaa has a raspy voice perfect for Rotten Sound's brand of brutality. They have influences of groups like Nasum, but have their own unique sound that grindcore fans should dig. And this "Cycles is a really must have for all grincore fans.

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Assuck - Misery Index

This was Assuck's 1996 LP released after their first relenting one, "Anti Capital" in 1991. Contains 15 tracks which all are full filled with blast beats. Released under Sound Pollution, this short album starts with the blasting fury of the short opener “QED”. The blast beats are perfectly played and the up tempo parts are so impulsive and angry! The production isn't great, which just adds to the overall effect. However, there is some pretty decent drumming and guitar work - providing a surprising amount of variety. Many of the songs use natural harmonics effectively to make riffs that are much more distinguishable amiss the chaos, and in some cases uses them in very innovative ways. Most of the songs also have some sort of tension and release, even if for practically every song it's a five second intro followed by the explosive follow up also consist of jagged dissonant chord voicings and harsh. To put things into perspective, Assuck have compile more progressions in 36 seconds than most brutal bands have managed to compile in 15 years. Undoubtable!

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Happy Flowers - I Crush Bozo

"I Crush Bozo" was the fifth studio album from this Virgina Noise Rock Duo - Happy Flowers which was released in july 1988 by Homestead Records in audio cassette format. First of all, the songs are much more musical than before, with the duo just as likely to perform an actual repeated piece of pseudo-melody as their usual dissonant high-pitched awfulness. The title of the album speaks to that world of childhood fear, as does this entire album. An unquestionable American original, who else but Happy Flowers could come up with songs like "Old Relatives," "My Frisbee Went Under a Lawnmower," "I Saw My Picture on a Milk Carton," and "They Cleaned My Cut out With a Wire Brush"? Yes, Mr. Anus and Mr. Horribly Charred Infant (aka, two nice University of Virginia students named John Beers and Charlie Kramer) scrape and pound and howl like only keen heavy metal fans with a great sense of theater could. This album features several tracks whose concepts are taken to such a deranged, horrifying extreme that you might seriously have nightmares about them (particularly backed as they are by such seasick instrumentation). Well, this was the finest Happy Flowers release available in musical form, if you're into the music, it would be a worth colected album.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Infest - No Man's Slave

It was a re-release CD from the originall full lenght of this almighty Thrash/Hardcore legend - INFEST in 2001 under Deepsix Records ( The original was released in 1995, one year before INFEST disbanded in 1996). This "No Man's Slave" CD still uses just one guitar and one bass track, presumably run direct, accounting for how saturated they sound. They’re a bit crisper than earlier recordings, but it gives the record a certain sharpness that Infest never had before. This is a 19 tracks 0f non-stop powerviolence of only the best variety. The heavy-fuzz and the storming vocals are just about unbeatable. Drawing directly from the hatecore vibe of the early 80s, INFEST took balls-to-the-wall hardcore up a notch. On "No Man's Slave" you get everything you would expect from these legends (speed, violence, speed, hooks, speed, angst, speed, speed, speed). This is how this genre should be played, no double bass drum bullshit, just fast as possible without turning it into grindcore. Lyricwise it is pissed off stuff, fitting very well into the angry and powerfull mode of the music.
Every song is great, and the record is short. Pretty much the most solid powerviolence record to grace humanity's ears.

Download Infest - No Man's Slave full album

Unholy Grave - Revoltage

"Revoltage" by this Japan Political Grindfreaks - Unholy Grave, was released under Argomosh Records in 2007. Contains 23 raging grindcore compositions, the music stands between Napalm Death's Scum and Carcass's Reek Of Putrefaction. The songs have more than a semblance of structure and what makes them so lethal is their explosive energy and their chaotic vibe, which is so wickedly fun that mere contact with it will shake the very skin off you. On this "Revoltage", Unholy Grave also remain consistently entertaining despite the pretty one-dimensional nature of their raging Japanese grindcore, un-produced to sound rougher than a badger's arse and angry as all hell. The vocals are all over the shop too, from screectching scream, to growling gurgle, nimbly balancing on a musical bed of jagged glass, everything battered and bloodied and so gloriously kick ass and heavy. One another important thing is the sound, it's only recomended for the fan of old school grindcore's sound, raw and ultra distorted!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

His Hero Is Gone - Monument To Thieves

Released by Prank Records in November 1997, this album brings forth a lot of anarcho-punk lyrics about society and class struggle etc. The lyrical direction is still personal, but taking on personal responsibility for the problems in wreckage in modern life is the consistent theme in "The Mess," "Stacks," and especially "Disease of Ease". Songs that amount to condensed rage and brutality. Immense, metallic, heaviness churned at hardcore velocity, His Hero Is Gone rip through fifteen songs on their second album. It's not exactly crust and it's definitely not grindcore. It's more like complex/technical punk rock run through doom metal sludge. The doom sludge, to the epic anthemic melodic yet heavy punk rythms, to the straight grind, this is one of the most passionate super heavy grind, punk, hardcore, crust, whatever, albums/bands ever. This is some heavy sludge-core punk, like a hardcore band doing Black Sabbath. Very angry and brutal. If you've ever had an interest in hardcore, find this one. This album proof heavy music doesn't need to be stupid, these guys show musical and lyrical eloquence.

Download His Hero Is Gone - Monument To Thieves full album

The Varukers - How Do You Sleep?

These Veterans of the UKHC scene - The Varukers have changed their sound for the better in this "How Do You Sleep?" CD that was released under Go-Kart Records in November 2000. Contains 12 tracks of old school of angry punk as The Unseen, but this band sounds more hardcore and a little darker. Socio-political messages in songs like "Gun Crazed Kids" and "Modem For Destruction" are set off wonderfully by the fierce and angry feel of this entire disc. This is mayhem music. Manages to be raw, ruthless drumming upfront in the mix with super overdriven guitar work, tighter riffs.The sound of the recording is superb.They have left some of their crust¨sound in favour of a more metalic hardcore punk one (nothing wrong with the previous sound,though)which will please more music(rather than noise) oriented listeners without dissapointing their older fans. So, if you're dealing with lyrics that tells alot about socio political issue or nuclear affairs things and all at once you want to be kicked in the ass with some old school hardcore punk beat, this one is directly for you!

Download The Varukers - How Do You Sleep? full album

Wolfbrigade - Comalive

This was the fourth full length studio album since this Sweden D-Beat Crust master - Wolfbrigade changed the name from "Wolfpack" in 1999. "Comalive" released under Farewell Records in europe in the end of 2008 and by the time been Re-released by Deranged Records for USA distribution in january 2009. Consist of 14 new tracks of down tuned crustcore blasts with a hint of the melody of early Swedish punk and classic. Wolfbrigade picks up exactly where the old one left off: 100% pissed-off and still raging, some 15 years down the road. They have been working alot on dynamics between the songs, but still trying to get them as hard and extreme as possible and really tried to take the "trademark" melodies in another direction while relying on their old Death metal roots. In tracks like "Ride for a fall", "Deny Tomorrow" and "Barren Dreams" they layer foaming aggression with rock solid pumping d-beat and the energy is focused on direct hits. Aggressive, sludgy, punk attitude, D-beat goodness. This album gets played over & over.

Download Wolfbrigade - Comalive full album

Naked City - Radio

Avant Records was released this fourth studio CD album by this free jazz grindcore fussion legend--Naked City in 1993. Consist of 19 tracks which all were full filled with The jazz and the rock n' roll, the surf and the grindcore/metal weirdness. It's all here and presented in such a way that once you start listening you are hooked. Every musician on this recording shows unbelievable talent and skill, and John Zorn has arranged each track superbly. Songs getting more and more complex as time goes on (after the first, spaz jazz track), from easy surf to violence a la "Torture Garden", radio delves into all sorts of "genres" and twists them with classic Zorn wit and prowess. Everything is performed at a stunningly high level, regardless of style. After this, the album moves into more of a metal direction-- its not really the sort of hardcore stuff that we saw on the debut, but rather more varied. So, just check this one out, you won't be let down.

Download Naked City - Radio full album

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Boy Sets Fire - After The Eulogy

This "After the Eulogy" CD is a great album and Boy Sets Fire is a great band. This was the second album from this Delaware political post-hardcore leading act, originally released by legendary Victory Records in 2000 and by the time had been released by Wind Up Records in 2001. Contains 14 tracks, This CD brings back those glory days when the fine line separating really bad metal from really boring hardcore was erased. This is a great punk/emo/hardcore release. Boy Sets Fire play intense music which each song has powerful emotions and driving personal politics. Very political, these guys have no qualms in voicing their opinions which they do every chance they get. They show their disaprovement with corporate america as well as those currently in power through their powerful lyrics. I love the singers voice and the way they mix in the screaming is perfect. Many people don't like this album because they claim it's not hardcore. Well, it's not supposed to be. People are too stuck on labels. Musically, this "After The Eulogy" featuring an impeccable match up of full-bore rhythms and pummeling guitars with a towering wall of guitars jumping into stripped-down noodling and back with the cold efficiency of emocore acts, show Boy Sets Fire knows how to get the job done when it sets its mind to it.
In Conclusion, if you're into the music, just check this one out. This album is so good. It never gets old. It has great replay value.

Download Boy Sets Fire - After The Eulogy full album

Combat Wounded Veteran - Duck Down For The Torso

Released under No Idea Records in May 2002, this Combat Wounded Veteran's "Duck Down For The Torso" CD was their final release with the new line up reformation. Combat Wounded Veteran played in a style differing from the first generation of emoviolence bands, and were influenced by and sounded like bands such as Charles Bronson. This CD contains 4 tracks, last in 40 minutes including the longest ; "15 minutes on the Forklift". While many grind bands use crisp riffs and over-produced drum sounds to assail the listener, Combat Wounded Veteran employ an added element of surprise: overdrive everything. The guitars endlessly feedback, the vocals are fuzzy and crunchy, the drums sound like the mics are too close, and so on. But maybe, in different angle, it would be the unique power for this EP CD.
Power violence would always be power violence, it is what is. Fast, and straight in your face. This is Combat Wounded veteran is crushing the line with their final release, enjoy!

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Brutal Truth - Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom

This was the final studio album by legendary Brutal Truth before disbanding in 1998. Consist of 20 Tight and extreme grindcore tracks, "Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom" was released under Relapse records in 1997. Unlikely, this was a death-metal album that doesn't have any satanic references, slaughter, gore, guts, killings and mystical dark evil at all. Thank God, there are bands out there like Brutal Truth, who prove that death metal can still have brains. And it's not just the fact that "Sounds of the Animal Kingdom" features a grim but realistic perspective on our eventual apocalypse, the music is more structured and compounded than Cannibal Corpse will ever be. What's immediate from the first note is how in control the band is. This album ties you to its bumper and drags you left and right, over asphalt and dirt, at NASCAR speeds, with precision to match. The rest of the album commences to crush your skull. Tight and extreme blast beats from drummer Rich Hoak are definetly one of the best assests of this band, however animalistic vocals, at times odd guitaring and thundering bass all add to the Brutal Truth experience.
As i informed, Brutal Truth got the plan to do a crucial reunion and would release their new album in march 2009 called: "Evolution Through Revolution". Well, just wait and see..

Download Brutal Truth - Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom full album

Brujeria - Brujerizmo

From the begining to the end of the album, “Brujerizmo” supplies the listener with thrills and chills, bangs and crashes and more catchy, head-banging moments than you can shake a bloodied machete at, but it’s no “Matando Gueros” ( Brujeria's first studio album ). As the first song played, we can see that they have modernised their sound. Brujeria's Brujerizmo was released in November 2000 under Roadrunner, contains 13 more cuts of raw brutality delving into everything from death and grindcore to the more technical, industrial-edged metal of the aforementioned Fear Factory, once again performed completely in Spanish. All the Brujeria cd's have powerful thought provoking opening track. On this cd the opening song (Brujerizmo) starts off with a little girl singing, but it doesn't stay that way for long and then the singer starts screaming in spanish. Lyrically, Brujerizmo is said to delve into angry tirades covering subjects like AIDs and Castro, but since I don't speak Spanish I'm clueless in that department. The vocals aren’t the same guttural cookie monster that they used to be. He still growls, but not all his growls are the same, there is more variety, including the occasion scream.
What can we say about them, still the mistery surrounding around the band's member, but the music is always crashing. Just deal with them, they are Brujeria!

Download Brujeria - Brujerizmo full album

Protesys - Censura

It's a Demo by one of Cuban Extreme Hardcore act - Protesys. Contains 9 tracks which all are sounded so metal with thrashing riffs and death metal touch in major parts. Screecthing guitar, double bass drumming here and there, bass guitar heavy sound, and powerfully growling voices, it seem that this band try to bring us back to the metalcore glory days when Trustkill records are still in their dominating era. Despite the poor quality of the recording sound, musically this band giving their best to the audiences through this Demo. I don't really know bout the lyrics, it's written in languange that i really don't know about, maybe it's Cuban or else. But look at one of the song's title : Terrorista, maybe you would know what to expect. Or you can check them at the band's web site :

Download Protesys - Censura full album

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb

"Phantom Limb" CD was the 4th full lenght studio album by this Classics Grindcore Attackers - Pig Destroyer. Released in June 2007 under Relapse Records, it was 14 tracks of the most punishingly heavy music you'll ever hear. The band runs deeper than body blows. Grindcore's traditional themes are politics and gore, which make sense given the music's basis in the absurd—cramming as much noise into as little time as possible. Frontman J.R. Hayes started out doing political lyrics, but shifted towards extremely personal territory. Musically, the album moves along the lines that you might be expecting: frantic, pulse-raising drums, more (and better) guitar riffs than you, me, or Kerry King could ever hope to be writing, and vocals that sound tortured. Essentially, this album does stay within whatever box you wish to place it; but be warned, throughout its 38-minute running time, Pig Destroyer take that box and violently stretch its walls it into a living creature, curving any straight line you may have thought to put against them. Very few bands can write music that is this aggressive yet is memorable and structured. Most bands end up just playing a bunch of unintelligible noise, Pig Destroyer is something entirely different and you need to hear this right now!

Download Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb full album

7 Year Bitch - Viva Zapata!

This "Viva Zapata!" was the new album for 7 Year Bitch worked with the new guitar player - Roisin Dunne who had replaced the late Stefanie Sargent in 1992. It was released in 1994 under C/Z records, consist of 11 tracks which are full filled with hard rock and grunge edge while retaining their punk energy and spirit. This Album is hardcore from start to end. It is about time it was released again for the masses to enjoy. If you are looking for a band that would tear the arms off the Spice Girls and beat them with it, you are looking for 7 Year Bitch. The album's title is in tribute to The Gits' vocalist, and friend of the group, Mia Zapata who was raped and strangled to death in July, 1993. Some of the songs on this album relate to Zapata's murder directly (such as "M.I.A.", which encourages vigilante justice for her killer) as well as Sargent's untimely drug overdose death ("Rock A Bye"). Viva Zapata!is a moving acknowledgment of excruciating loss and a sheer celebration of life. Its driving yet grunge-free riffs and insistent but screech-free feminism also make it rather revolutionary. 3 years after this album released, right in the start of 1997, 7 Years Bitch got disbanded.

Download 7 Year Bitch - Viva Zapata! full album

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elastica Self Titled 1995

This was the first self titled studio album released under Geffen Records in 1995 by the great female dominated rock band - Elastica. This album was a compilation of 16 tracks that was recorded largely in the summer of 1994 (including cuts from the band's prior EPs). Singer Justine Frischmann (who briefly played guitar with Suede before it went into astrospace) downplays the fact that the band features three women. "It's irrelevant really, pointless to marginalize someone in a 'women in rock' story. But one good thing is we're allowed to escape the tribalism in British music. There's a lot of bitching in boy bands, hating other bands. It's silly. Music's not a race."
Elastica's music inside this album was a perfectly blended of Adam and the Ants, Wire, the Buzzcocks, and Blondie, arriving at a more pop-oriented, hook-driven musical formula than most of their influences and a more detached, earthier presence than their predecessors. Some of the songs -- "Connection", "Stutter", and "Waking Up" come to mind -- are instant classics, and others, like "Line Up" and "Annie", grow on you quickly. What ties all the songs together is the perfection of the art of pop-rock (with just a hint of punk). From the opening chords, Donna (resident guitar goddess) grabs you by the throat with her simple but precise playing, and Justine Frischmann makes you fall in love with her when she delivers the vocals on "Never Here" with the perfect mix of affection, bitterness, and seduction.
Not much to say, from people who enjoy Brit-Pop to those who enjoy punk rock, Elastica is an innovative and entertaining album. Yeah, it's recalling the spirit of 90's rock spirit!

Download Elastica Self Titled 1995 full album
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Red Chord, The - Clients

This " Clients" CD was released under Metal Blade records in 2005, Red Chord's second full lenght studio album after the first amazing one, "Fused Together in Revolving Doors" in 2002. To those who are new to The Red Chord, the band can be described as a mix of crossover grind reminiscent of later era Napalm Death, metalcore ala Ion Dissonance and The Dillinger Escape plan, and progressive elements reminiscnent of Meshuggah's earlier work. Consist of 11 real brutal vicious grind/death metal tracks. The guitars shred and grind through the listener's ears like a chainsaw, and the blastbeats are like a jackhammer pounding the head and face to a bloody pulp. The riffing went really heavy and the vocals went into a bunch of loud screaming and growling, which is common in most death metal and hardcore. Drawing influences from hardcore, thrash metal, and grindcore, "Clients" presents an all out assault on the senses, some highly impressive musical chops, and no shortage of intense, extremely moshable breakdowns. This is pure in your face grind/death metal with a touch of hardcore.

Download The Red Chord - Clients full album

DS-13 - Thrash & Burn!

DS-13 was a political Hardcore Punk leading act, formed in Ummea, Sweden in 1995. It was an EP released in 2000 under Eslaved records after their split 7 with Bloods Of Other in 1998. With this "Thrash & Burn", DS-13 continue their destructive campaign through their uncompromise and blisterings assault. Unlike a lot of Swedish bands this is more of an old school US hardcore sound than a Discharge influenced sound. Reminds me a lot of early DRI, Minor Threat, Agnostic Front, and Seven Seconds. Really powerful and pissed off hardcore. the sound rever into a more early 80's raw thrash sound, filled with raw intensity that allows the songwriting and energy to come out full force rather than behind a wall of distorted noise.
Unfortunatelly, DS-13 was dibanded in 2002. So, If you really want something to piss of your mom, look no further, this is probobly one of the loudest, fastest records you must get.

Download DS-13 - Thrash & Burn! full album