Monday, December 21, 2009

Afgrund - Vid Helvetets Grindar

Last known full length studio album by this Swedish Grindcore heros released under well known Grindcore label : Willowtip Records in 2009.

The aspect of Sweden’s Afgrund I like the most is their ability to lay down an infectious hook, forcing one to either nod or bang their head in agreement. Signing with Willowtip Records, the band unleashes its sophomore full-length effort, an album full of "clever" Grind/Death that at some parts may remind you of bands like NASUM and ROTTEN SOUND. Even though I was expecting a typical boring band, AFGRUND really amazed me with their more than genius compositions and variable riffing that is far from being characterized mediocre or monotonous.
The increased punk and thrash influence adds another crucial dimension to what is often a one-dimensional style of metal, and it turns what would normally be a single rush of indistinct speed into fifteen well-developed compositions that continue to be catchy and intense long after most similar albums would have lost their luster.
If you're a grindcore lover, then you probably know it when you hear it. However, as relentless and cranium crushing as this album is, it does a little more than blast 'n gut the night away. Though not exactly atypical either, there is a thread of Swedish crust punk that rears its head from time to time, even if it's only in parts or in mutated form, such as with "A Burning Cross on your Perfect Lawn". This Swedish trio has something great going on here and you have got to check them out!

Download Afgrund - Vid Helvetets Grindar full album

Life For Anything Else - 2008 E.P.

It's a Hardcore band from Semarang City Indonesia. formed in 2001, this band been kicking around almost for 8 years and this 2008 E.p was their second effort after their 3 way split CD with A FRIEND FOR LIFE ( Bandung, Indonesia ) & AK//47 ( Semarang, Indonesia ) in 2002. High pitched voice combined with powerful and attractive guitar riffing and drum playing. This E.P will bring you into the wild mosh pit while your head bleeding hard. :)
lyrics mostly tell us about their sarcastic words about the HC scene it self and their attitude about life. If You are into hardcore music revere to bands like SHUTDOWN & COMEBACK KID. Enjoy!

Download Life For Anything Else - 2008 E.P.