Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jet & The Spank - Voice Power ( Single )

Grindcore from Semarang City, Indonesia. Anarchist, nihilistic, drugs, alcohol and sarcasm things, those was the impressions that i got from this band when the first time i met them. One song that shock my brain when the first time i hear it, which the guitarist playing an acoustic guitar jam session in javanesse languange that told about everything like a drunk man sing a song while keep on taking a tons of anti depressant things and drinks many bottles of alcohol. it's funny in the first second, but don't get me wrong, in the several seconds after, when the grindcore session begin, you'll get knocked down with how powerful, raw, wild with harsh and high pitched voice while garage and raw drumming running within straight in your fucking face. it's really raw and i really mean it.
It's a new band that formed around 2008, and i really can't wait for their full length album that been planned to be released around this year. A little bit remind me of Extreme decay but with different type of lyrics and atitude. just enjoy, highly recommended for you all who claim yourself as garage grind head! enjoy!

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