Monday, March 16, 2009

Melvins - Nude With Boots

Melvins as you always know, would give you tons of joy, sludge-filled and glorious rock 'n roll. Their music stand between skull-melting sludge metal and meditative time signatures, The Melvins have, over the past quarter century, created some of the most innovative and confrontational music on record and even can tell those guys have influenced many now successful bands. And this "Nude With The Boots" CD was their last known studio album in 2008 released under Ipepac Recordings. With this their nineteenth studio album, the Melvins are once again bludgeoning their way through a hectic and preposterously sludgy set of tracks well worthy to follow-up 2006’s great (A) Senile Animal. The heart of the Melvins is, of course, the dynamic duo of Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover. This demented nucleus added Jared Warren and Coady Willis (Big Business), a second drummer, to the devilish dichotomy and came up with another full blast of crazed noise. All Melvins cd took a few listens to get into but like other melvins albums,senile animal,the maggot,when you start to get in it, it keeps getting better and better. You wanna try? By the way, i already put them as my crucial living legend, my hero in my musical sense. One of band that essentials. They are always and would be always, Inspiring, Influenting!

Download Melvins - Nude With Boots full album

Dying Fetus - War Of Attrition

This was the last known full length studio album by these death metal living legend from maryland, USA - Dying Fetus, that was released under well known Relapse Records in 2007. Contains 8 tracks which each track was running in more then 4 minutes in average. It's been four years since the last album, but they doesn't lost the intensity that made them famous, “War of Attrition” is brutal, well-played, quality death metal. All the classic DF ingredients are here - death growls, machine gun kicks, clattering snares, righteous riffs with a touch of Necrophagist in the pick sweeps.It seems that Dying Fetus have really turned up the “technical” notch on their guitars because almost every other riff is filled with complex difficult technical guitar playing and rifting. The double bass drumming is fast, though many metal drummers could match this speed. There will be a fast part, like around 200 bpm, that may last for 30 seconds with Mr. Timlin just blast beating the whole time, which by the way is the climax. Overall, “War of Attrition” is a enjoyable release and will surely please dedicated Fetus fans. They are Death Metal, and they are political, combination that might kill you dood.. so beware!

Download Dying Fetus - War Of Attrition full album

Discordance Axis - Jouhou

Discordance Axis once mentioned as one of the most original and complex grindcore bands. This "Jouhor" CD was their second full length studio album that was released under Hydra Head Records in 1997. Consist of 32 tracks of pure grindcore, the album is over the top in almost every way. Everything from the agonized shrieks and low fi growls to the chaotic crashing of distortion and out of control tempos create the sonic mindfuck that you’ve been craving for, the music is also just as wild, caustic, and angry. Punishing, suffocating, and all the more addictive, Jouhou is, as said, a familiar album in terms of feelings compared with The Inalienable Dreamless. But there are plenty of moments to give it it’s own face and brain. Least of which is the sound. The mix is dirty and murky a bit, but this doesn’t detract – infact, it makes the intensity better in some strange way. There are also different musical exploitations explored within the album, even different from those found in The Inalienable Dreamless. Most of the songs are a about a minute, some a little more, some a little less, lots of frantic speed and dissonance, relentless screaming, plenty of blasts, a general feeling of controlled chaos that does definitely come off as structured and well performed, etc. The vocals get a little deeper during parts of tracks like "Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said", which also covers a wider range of textures and tempos. "Aperture of Pinholes" also has some very noteworthy slower rhythms that are among the heaviest the band ever displayed. Overall, i think "Jouhou" was the best release during their Discordance Axis amazing existence. And surely. this is Grindcore, and it's originall!

Download Discordance Axis - Jouhou full album

Friday, March 13, 2009

Regurgitate - Sickening Bliss

This was the last known full length by these sweden Gore Grind leading band that released in 2006 under Relapse Records. Regurgitate is one of those bands that is easy to hate if you are not a fan of gore-grind. However, I do enjoy a good bit of said genre, so I've been a fan of Regurgitate since their Carnivorous Erection album. This CD is bringing back the pitch shifted gurgling gutturals straight out of Carnivorous Erection! Right away when the intro track "Bliss" ends, the album opener "Abducens Eminence" kicks in with brute force and represents the pitch shifted gurgles right away as the vocals kick in, soon to be followed up with some vomiting screams. Seriously though, this is a great album, packed with punchy, meaty riffing, tons of powerful hooks, and just the necessary amount of Crust to keep things interesting and energetic throughout. Regurgitate also doesn't follow the same formula for every song. If this approach is absent, it can kill a grind album. Sure, there are some songs that are just complete blasts, but there are more of the slower, crunchy parts than I remember being on their previous full-length, Deviant. If you already a huge fans of them, i don't need much to say about how great their gory grindcore. But if you are a new kid on the grindcore, just forget about the lyrics, focus on the music, it would be a worth checking out to learn how grindcore music it should be.

Download Regurgitate - Sickening Bliss full album.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Magrudergrind - 62 Trax Of Thrash

This was the discography CD for the first three years of this band's existence that was released under To Live A Lie Records in 2005. The title does not lie, it contains 62 thrash/grind tunes here. One thing that would be very remarkable was Magrudergrind only need less than 3 years to make these 62 tracks being collected together in this discography since they was formed in 2002. This collection of hardcore anthems contains the Owned 7” (Punks Before Profits Records), Religious Baffle CD (self released by the band), splits with GODSTOMPER (Nuclear BBQ Party Records and To Live A Lie Records), SANITY’S DAWN (Regurgitated Semen Records), A WARM GUN (McCarthyism Records and Misfire Records), AKKOLYTE (Death, Agony & Screams Records), and VOMIT SPAWN (Militant Records), and a very hard to find demo. Most of the songs are really short and have some out of place kind of riff like the beginning of the Star Spangled Banner or part of Jingle Bells. An amusing joke, but for the most part just a joke. The guitars are more downtuned, the drumming is also quicker and tighter throughout. For you who unaware with this band, this album directly for you.

Download Magrudergrind - 62 Trax Of Thrash full album

Naked City - Torture Garden

It was the second release by one of the best John Zorn's band project - Naked City released originally in 1989 under Shimmy Disc. Contains 42 tracks, this album was couldn't be sold in the United States because of the cover art, now concealed within the Black Box. This also the album for Naked City worked with Yamatsuka Eye as a vocalist. Torture Garden incited by the images of Japanese sadomasochist pornography contained herein, Leng Tch'e by photographs of a Chinese public execution involving extended torture. Musically, this album was full filled with unconventional song structures, howling vocals, loud and chaotic instrumentation. That about sums up Naked City. With the two longest songs clocking in at 1:18, this album is pure chaos in the most blissful form. This music is freeform to the extreme, working in chaotic punk and metal guitar riffs, pounding drums, inhuman screams, random keyboard breaks, and saxophone styles just as chaotic, if not more so, than the rest of the instruments. Naked City combines many of Zorn's most talented collaborators, and it inspires some of his most brutish and brilliant alto saxophone playing. Really the only problem with this album is it doesn't seem to follow any flow or structure, but as always hapened after hearing any of their album, Naked City would make you say : "WOW!" in the end of hearing.

Download Naked City - Torture Garden full album

The Berzerker - The Reawakening

This was the latest release by these Industrial Death Grind band from Melbourne, Australia that was released under their own label : Berzerker Industries in September 2008. Contains 10 heavy tracks ( In the digipack edition there are some more 6 other remixes bonus tracks ), the album is thankfully damn good and will not disappoint any fans of the band. But, this album was quietly different from previous album under Earache Records. One immediately noticeable change that may divide fans somewhat is the return of what Kenny describes as the "machine-gun blast"- the drum sound that was utilized on 2002's 'Dissimulate' but has not been used on their past few releases. Also you cand find tons of the liberal dosages of sampled, harsh techno beats that continuously pulse around the distinctly Carcass-esque riffage. There are plenty of riffs to be had here, of course, but this is one album where I view songs as a complete entity, rather than focusing on a distinct riff, or vocal line. So while I remember few riffs from the album, it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable for me.
5 albums into their career and with a reasonably high profile to boot, anyone who are already fans of Berzerker would enjoy this album. But i think for anyone who are unaware with this band would need repeated hearing to get chemistrically conected with this release.

Download The Berzerker - The Reawakening full album

Benumb - Hand Of The Martyr

"Soul Of The Martyr" CD by these Bay Area Grindcore leading band - Benumb, was released under Relapse Records in 1998. Consist of 35 raging grindcore tracks, this album undoubtedly full filled with most angry, furious riffting, powerfull, fast and complex style in music that running in 1000 Mph. these guys dont play with the greatest skill but what they do play is very skillful in its flesh-ripping speed. the songs are short spurts (average about 25 secs. a song) of sonic music that gets me in the mood for putting myself through a brick wall and anyone else around me also. The neatest thing about Benumb is their ability to write slow crushing parts with their faster grindier pieces. Vocal wise I hear a lot of hardcore influence. Slow moshing parts and a lot of tempo change in shorter than a minute songs. Benümb represent their style in a somewhat modern way, and they've added a lot of metal riffage to their music yet not being newschool metalcore.
For you who are curious to see what would gonna hapened when heavy raging grindcore mixed with obvious hardcore and some punk influences, this CD is worth checking out.

Download Benumb - Hand Of The Martyr full album

Cause For Effect - Nuclear Blues

This was the tape EP by these Fusion Grindcore duo from Finland released under Upground Records in 1997 after their split "7 with Noise Waste in 1995. Formed in 1992, Cause For Effect was started as a completed band which uses a guitar player just like other band, but by the years around in 1999, officially being a duo. And in this EP was still in the time when still there : Jamu, handling the guitar's department. bassist tuomo is an astonishing musician. he is fast, chaotic, and even groovy/funky on occasion. he is a horrible vocalist, but i suppose cause for effect is less about the singing and more about the instruments. drummer ari is every bit tuomo's compliment, blasting and filling and attacking his kit with the razor-sharp precision of a mad surgeon with a scalpel in each hand. Cause For Effect are known for their unconventional grindcore music, like some kind of combination of freeform jazz and grind. It's really hard to find this EP considering to the limited press for only 200-300 copies. For you who already aware with this band, i don't need much to say about why this band are worth checking out. They are bunch of brilliant musician, very underrated, and surely, this EP would always be a very rare collection.

Download Cause For Effect - Nuclear Blues full album

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Turmoil - The process Of...

Turmoil once was a hardcore band that able to break the border that stands between metal and hardcore. This "The Process of..." CD was their last known studio album under Century Media which was released in 1999. Contains 12 tracks, this album is musically complex for a hardcore band with numerous, fancy tempo changes and a menacing vibe worthy of Slayer. The lyrics are almost all accusatory, straight-edge-style rants, while their musical barrage operates like a swarm of insects and is relentless and deafening. It really focuses hard on the riff, which are well executed and perfectly placed. The vocals are rough enough to incite mayhem, but not so overwhelming as is the case in a lot of hardcore acts now-a-days. As the lines between metal and hardcore continue to blur you can bet that "The Process Of..." will stand up to the testament of the vitality of the genre. In my opinion, this was their best album so far, while they aren't around anymore, Turmoil deserve to be classified as the best in metalcore.

Download Turmoil - The process Of... full album

Sylvester Staline - Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Stupid Kids With The Royalties Generated By This CD

This "Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Stupid Kids With The Royalties Generated By This CD" was the only full lenght by these power violence band from France - Sylvester Staline, that was released under Bones Brigade Records in 2005. These guys are unreliable boozed lazy fucks, but when it comes to power violence, Sylvester Staline means intensity, unpredictable attitude, fast and fucking furious tunes topped with some of the worst tastes ever in termes of lyrics, topics and song titles. This album is mostly fun, The cover and lyrics made me laugh. Just imagine, bunch of morrons get fucked by alcohol and then play some crazy music at top maximum speed while singing some really crazy lyrics. This album swings and bounces and has an aggressive touch in the fast regions of the songs and not for those who take life too serious. After 5 time hearing, maybe you would enjoy this one. Just try a little harder if it failed in the 5th time. :)

Download Sylvester Staline - Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Stupid Kids With The Royalties Generated By This CD full album

Cenotaph - Reincarnation in Gorextasy

These Turkish Grindcore heros were back to the scene with their full length entitled : "Reincarnation in Gorextasy", released under Unmatched Brutality Records ( For USA distribution ) and Atlantis Music ( for Turkey distribution ) in 2007. It has been almost 4 years since their thirth album ;"Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium" back in 2003, Cenotaph didn't produce any effort. And this album display eight tracks of relentless technical grindcore that goes straight for the throat. The vocals stand out because of small pitch changes, a characteristic brutal death often lacks. Near the end of "Vomiting Psycho Intent" a high end vocal caps off the track perfectly just as the music fades. Batu Cetin ( Vocalist ) is far past understandable retaining the brutal death standard.You would get everything you expect, this album would gives you a thick recording sound. The guitars are really heavy crunchy, grindy sounding, the drums are really fast sounding with lots of crashes, blast beats, the vocals are really low deep dark death growls Overall, their grindcore was pretty impresive. Well the cover features a disemboweled corpse so you right away know what to expect, gory as hell death metal.

Download Cenotaph - Reincarnation in Gorextasy full album

Saturday, March 7, 2009

C.S.S.O. - Are You Excrements?

This was the second full length album by these Japanese Grindrockkers - CSSO, that was released under Morbid Records in 2001. The name CSSO stands for Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ, and this album relased right after their 3 way split album with Nuclear Devastation and Total Fucking Destruction that was released in the same year. Contains 6 tracks, this album was focussing on a sort of 70's Rock with extreme vocals and spacy keyboards. CSSO are excellent musicians and unusual songwriters and "Are You Excrements?" is definitely worth checking out, especially the 12 minutes song 'Living Dead A Go Go' represents CSSO's madness. In fact, this sound like Jimi Hendrix on steroids, doubling the speed, making him have serious threat problems, and then adding some stoner/jazz/punk/blues/noise interludes and influences. If you really unfammiliar with CSSO, just try to picture some really psychedelic guitar, drum and bass grooves, with a heck of a lot of effects thrown in mixed with, of course, that good Grindcore sound, and you might get close to imagining what this band sounds like. Without any consideration of traditional harmony C.S.S.O. present uncommon musical structures with a courage that will earn them the due respect.So, if you try to find something new in grindcore music, once again, "Are You Excrements?" is definitely worth checking out.

Download C.S.S.O. - Are You Excrements? full album

Buried Alive - The Death of Your Perfect World

It was the debut full length album by these New York based hardcore band - Buried Alive released under well known Victory Records back in 1999. Contains 12 tracks, this album was purely raging hardcore fury delivered with a sharply honed metal edge. Intelligent lyrics and socially aware lyrics add to the appeal of "The Death of Your Perfect World". It also possesses the outstanding combination of speed, heaviness, toughness, breakdowns, and integrity. It starts off heavy and ends even heavier. Since the first relase; Six Month Face 7", the band continues to grow musically as they continue to develop and build on their sonically assaulting sound. This album was still Hardcore make no sodding mistake, but unlike Terror where the involvement is more-or-less immediate, this takes effort to involve yourself. If you like hatebreed or all out war, Buried Alive would be those two bands put together, to form an even heavier hardcore band than those two. Overall, this is hardcore that would bring you back into Victory Records glory days, when hardcore that full filled with breakdown still dominating the underground scene.

Download Buried Alive - The Death of Your Perfect World

Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade

Playing death metal in generally mid paced temos, Bolt Thrower were at their peak with their 4th full length studio album entitled : "The IVth Crusade". Released under Earache Records back in 1992, this album was groove oriented Death metal played in the same vein as Obituary. Bolt Thrower are known somewhat as experts of their genre, death metal. Simply because they have the undoubted talent to create some of the heaviest and ferocious music with uncompromising double bass drum beats, low growls and unbeatable solo's. Karl's vocals are excellent in that his vocal range is just low enough to sound dark, but high enough that it doesn't compete with the tuned-down guitars and other instruments, and fits well in the mix, unlike other bands that pretend to be of this type where the guitar and vocals step on each other. The variety of tempo changes really keeps the album from growing monotonous but musically, the band doesn’t try to be overly technical and most of the music is pretty simple. Established since 1986, It's almost more than 23 years Bolt Thrower are kicking around the scene. This was their best album in my opinion, just check it out and bang your head! Yeah, it's a solid Death Metal Album!

Download Bolt Thrower - The IVth Crusade full album

Friday, March 6, 2009

Disfear - Everyday Slaughter

This was the first album for these Swedish D-Beat leading act - Disfear, worked with Osmose Productions released in October 1997. There are many DISCHARGE disciples around the world, and Sweden is famous for its Dis-scene, but the Swedish sound is much faster, rawer, harder and decidedly heavier than the original version. The Swedes are no replicas, they hold their own, and so is Disfear, they have rage their own D-Beat style. Contains 13 tracks that running for almost 27-minute it was a platter of utterly raging crust with ussual D-Beat Discarge influences. These guys were a cut above all of the other DIS- band wannabes (DISBEER, DISGUST, etc.) simply because of the sheer power of their songs. The rhythm section rumbles mightily along like some nuclear-powered, mutant Motorhead; loud, crusty guitars crank out some killer hammer-and-scour riffs; angry vox spew corrosive bile all over our century's rampaging militarism and police state mentality. Well, this is D-Beat, sure it would be there many grinding guitars, very simple and repetative chord changes, and it display their main influence. For you who are into Crust Core or raging straight in your face D-Beat music, this "Everyday Slaughter" CD would satisfy you.

Download Disfear - Everyday Slaughter full album

NOXA - Grind Viruses

Nova has been a legendary band for Indonesian Grindcore scene. This was the last album for Noxa after the death of their drummer ; Robin Hutagaol in 2009. This "Grind Viruses" was released in 2006 under Stay Heavy records. Contains 31 tracks, this album show their Rotten Sound influences, heavy and brutal double bass drumming everywhere prepacked with great recording production. A collection of fast and furious grindcore songs that last no more than 2 minutes. Noxa just like to shoot straight to your brains killing riffs and brutal sounds. Hailing from Indonesia, here it come NOXA! Enjoy!

Download NOXA - Grind Viruses full album

V.A. - Kita Harus Berani Menghadapi Kenyataan Comp.

This is a compilation from many crucial Indonesian underground bands that was released in 2002. I don't really know about the label. This compilation consist of 27 songs from 19 bands whith various style of music. There are many old time heros of Indonesian underground scene like : Disco Riot, Anti Squad, Antiphaty Kremlin and also The Idiots. In my opinion, "Democrasy Coma" by Kremlin and "From Religion to War" By The Idiots are the strongest track for this album. This album was so plural, there are so many genre inside it. If you're into OI! music, you'll have : Anti Squad, Disco Riot and of course Porno Stars from Bandung. If you're into Crustcore, there would be : Antiphaty, Jeruji, The Idiots, and Total Anarchy which are ready to satisfy. Unfortunatelly, the recordings production was not good enough and it makes the record doesn't got it chance to be called as the best. But if you really curious about Indonesian underground music, this is directly for you.

Download V.A. - Kita Harus Berani Menghadapi Kenyataan Comp.

Malevolent Creation - Warkult

This "Warkult" CD by these Brutal Death Metal Attackers - Malevolent Creation, was released under Nuclear Blast in 2004. The ninth album of this band is again on brutal death metal with hints of thrash and classic death metal. This album is fully concerned with war. War is quite a hot topic in today's world and it is very good that a band tries to inform people of its horrors through its music.Their ability to write memorable songs clearly is what puts this band over the top compared to a band like Disgorge or Deeds of Flesh. And also, the return of Dave Culross really adds to the heaviness of the album. He is a maniac who probably could run a marathon in the Olympics due to sheer cardiovascular ability mixed with insane drumming skills. Going mostly at full speed, but this band never afraid to slow things down a bit here and there. "Supremacy through annihilation" is the third track and possibly the hardest song to play out of the 12 tracks on the album. The solo fits perfectely to the rest of the song and is maybe one of the best solos created in death metal ever! This album is actually a bit on the slower side than their others. They stay more in the mid-paced arena here, as opposed to the constant blasting of, say, Envenomed.
These guys are superb musicians and songwriters and deserve respect because they have 8 other awesome death metal releases that not many people know about. And thats why Malevolent Creation would always be the one of essentials brutal death metal act, nowadays. As i informed, they would bring the chance for indonesian metal heads to see them alive in surabaya this march. Be prepared!

Download Malevolent Creation - Warkult full album

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nausea - Extinction the second coming

This was the compilation of their 1990 ¨Extinction¨ Lp + their highly experimental 1991 ¨Cybergod¨ Ep + their 1992 ¨Lie Cycle Ep, clocking in at 66' that was released under Selfless records in 1993. Nausea were formed in the dawn of the 80's and included Agnostic Front's Roger Miret wife Amy, paradoxically totally into crust and anarcho-pacifism. Nausea took the lyrical protest direction of their mentors (England's infamous Crass) and framed it around heavy, fast and grinding metallic hardcore. Nausea were formed at sometime during the late '80's in New York City's then burgeoning hardcore scene. The record production is raw, loud and yet also very audible and clear. the opening track is called "Tech-No-Logic-Kill" and begins almost Sabbath-esque with a a very melodic, dark build up into the impending thrash fest with male vocalist Al Long growling like an anmial over the chaos. Recommended for you who are into the political stuff with oldschool thrashy sound.

Download Nausea - Extinction the second coming full album

Cataract - Golem

"Golem" CD was released in the last month in 2000 under Ferret Records as the debut album by these crucial Switzerland's Metalcore band - Cataract. Contains "only" 9 tracks which each of them running for 3 minutes in average duration. Latest at the hyperspeed-beginning and the doublebass attacks of "Two Seconds" it's totally clear that Cataract are as big Slayer Fans as half of the Rock Hard readers. While cataracts deal with the degeneration of sight, it is your sense of hearing that will be under full aural assault during Golem . This is one powerful and loud chunk of core; thick as a fucking brick, and crammed to the hilt with pit-inducing tempo changes and vocal roughness. The guitar work on this CD is absolutely mind blowing , Cataract has an endless supply of shredding riffage & they even unleash the hard to find metal solos. This album consistently hammers away with riff after riff, scream after yell, and relentless metal groove after metal groove.
The band posseses more than blast beats & breakdowns , they throw imelody & innovattive lyrics into the mix resulting in a dynamic listening experiance.The lyrical content consists of very introspective topics such as personal struggle and societal and religious issues. Overall, it was the best from other Cataract's effort in my opinion. But i'll let you decide..

Download Cataract - Golem full album

Heaven Shall Burn - Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final Resistance)

These crucial Germany Hardcore act, was mentioned as the first to be known as the most perfect band who break the border that stand between Hardcore and Death Metal. And this "Iconoclast" CD was their last known release in 2008 under well known Metal label : Century Media. This CD is a decent offering which mixes hardcore and metal influences quite well. In my opinion, it's much better than the standard metalcore fare you hear these days. And at 58 minutes, it's a good bargain. Contains 14 tracks, this album was a truly rip-snortin' & brutal collection of melodic death metal, thrash, and hardcore. Yes, it's a damn heavy album, extreme on all fronts, but these guys are so melodic every step of the way it makes for a perfect balance. The guitars are nice and crunchy with plenty of mosh-worthy riffs and breakdowns, brutal, sledgehammer drum work, and the deliciously evil growls of Marcus Bischoff.
If you look at the lyrics they fill the criterias for being Hardcore with lyrics about politics, induvidual freedom and war, "problems of the society" you may call it. This album is a well produced for all of you who are into the healthy mixed of Hardcore and Death Metal. Propably, people nowadays would call it Deathcore? Whatever.. Just enjoy!

Download Heaven Shall Burn - Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final Resistance) part 1.
Download Heaven Shall Burn - Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final Resistance) part 2.

Motorhead - Motorizer

This was the last known album from these crucial old time legend band - Motor Head in 2008 under SPV records. Motorizer is Motorhead's 24th album. That's a truly remarkable feat. What else is remarkable is that at age 62, Lemmy is going as strong as ever. Guitarist Phil Campbell has been with the band since 1984, and his catchy riffs and blazing solos are the backbone of the Motorhead sound. Lemmy sounds exactly the same as he did in '77 and I can't think of any other vocalists that can say the same. His bass playing is phenomenal as well. Like the Stooges and the Ramones, Motorhead has never sold out or strayed far from their original musical blueprint. Motorhead has seen punk, NWOBHM, hair metal, grunge, nu-metal and punk come and go back again, and they have always sounded the same: as loud and heavy as ever. They always play the great formula, combining the energy of punk with mighty metal riffery - with a heavy dose of biker rock, as well.This "Motorizer" CD contains 11 pounding proto-metal Motorhead tracks loud enough to leave you deaf, with the always genial lyrics Lemmy has always written. "Buried Alive", "Back On The Chain" and "Heroes" maybe would be the most stands out tracks for this album. Well, just enjoy then.. It's the legend that play on dude!

Download Motorhead - Motorizer full album.

Sham 69 - That's Life

This was a re-issue of the second album by legendary Street Punk band from UK - Sham 69 by Castle Music in February 2001. "That's Life originally released in 1978 under Polydor records and was produced by the Essential front man- Jimmy Pursey himself. This album was charted at #27 in UK and could be viewed as a success, songs like 'Hurry Up Harry,' 'Angels With Dirty Faces' are the strongest on the album. Maybe that is why they were singles. Probably two of Sham’s most popular songs I’d guess besides the monumental greatest hit, "If The Kids Are United". Sham 69 was one of the many bands to come out of England during the punk movement between the mid to late seventies. However, I wouldn't consider them just another punk band that sounded like many other bands at that time. While they play raw punk and rock music, they have hard rock influences, and on some songs they include different types of instruments, something that many punk bands didn't do, with the obvious exception of The Clash and a few others. This is one of the most original punk album with the story line in between each track making it seem like the a day in the life of the average working class man. All lyrics are wonderful and Jimmy Pursey pours everthing into each song, but it sounds genuine, not like that pretentious emo garbage of today. Nevermind the debate between Pursey and Parson about the re-group of this band nowadays without Pursey inside the band. I just want to say, that this album was the most essential for all people nowadays who claim themself as Punk Rockers. And it's rare!

Download Sham 69 - That's Life full album

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Toy Dolls - Our Last Album?

This album was the 2004 studio album by these crazy humorous punk rock act from england - The Toy Dolls. Released under S.O.S. Records, contains 14 hilarious tracks, It was the usual Toy Dolls fare, punk with a smile. Olga's guitar work is as masterful as always and Tommy Goober and Dave The Nut (on bass and drums respectively) sound like they've been in the band for ever. While much punk rock is political or angry, the Toy Dolls worked within the esthetics of punk to express a sense of irreverent adolescent fun with irreverent lyrics and song titles such as "Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead", "My Girlfriend's Dad's A Vicar" and "James Bond Lives Down Our Street." . Also you can find a cover song of Europe's Final Countdown & Boomtown Rats's “She’s So Modern”. I really do hope that they go for another album, and don't stop here. So, if youre already sick of politics and religion in music, find this. You won't regret any of it.

Download The Toy Dolls - Our Last Album? full album

Husker Du - Zen Arcade

Husker Du were one that known as most thrashy acts of the late 1970s and early 1980s. And this "Zen Arcade" was the thirth full length that released in 1984 under SST records. It was an album contains 23 short songs that helped define the still-thriving punk subgenre known as hardcore, leaders Grant Hart and Bob Mould screamed their alienation in the fastest language they could possibly produce. 1984 is a long time ago, but Zen Arcade sounds just as good as it did when it was released. Pure emotion, excellant songwriting, and some of the most ferocious and disturbing guitar that has ever been recorded has earned this record an esteemed place in rock and roll history. The record tells the story of a young computer programmer whose world begins to resemble the virtual digital mazes he creates, and who then flees his life and job and moves into an increasingly alienated interior mental landscape. The double L.P. format, the concept, the piano interludes, the dreamy fourteen-minute closer, all stood as the very antithesis of hardcore simplicity. The Minneapolis trio's refusal to adhere to rock/punk/hardcore ground rules is what made them so influential.

Download Husker Du - Zen Arcade full album

Cro-Mags - Twenty Years of Quarrel and Greatest Hits

This was the last known audio album by these old time New York Hardcore legend - Cro-Mags released under New York Hardcore Records in 2006 as 20'th anniversary of "Age of Quarrel". Contains songs from Age of Quarrel, Best Wishes and Revenge, as well as a live track, two unreleased songs, a track of Harley demo-ing the song "Don't Tread On Me" in 1982 and the White Devil "Re-Incarnation" EP (Harley and Parris' other band). This greatest hits compilation album will gives you New York Hardcore of the highest calibre.The Age of Quarrel songs are a bit more punkish than the rest of the songs, although some very slight metal influences can be heard in them as well, i.e. slight Black Sabbath and Motörhead influences.Unfortunatelly, the sound quality isn't what people nowadays are used to, although everything was digitally remastered for this album. Formed around in 1984, Cro-Mags are a classic example of a band which played the popular NYHC sound of the 80's during the American hardcore movement.
So, here they come the legend with their uncompleted Greatest Hits compilation, enjoy!

Download Cro-Mags - Twenty Years of Quarrel and Greatest Hits full album

Circle Jerks - Oddities, Abnormalities, & Curiosities

This " Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities." CD was the last known release by Circle Jerks - Legendary L.A. hardcore punk act under Polygram Records in 1995. Formed in 1979 by Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris and Redd Kross guitarist Greg Hetson, the Circle Jerks combined the rebelliousness of the Sex Pistols and Ramones with the aggressive athletic elements of the surfer/skateboarder crowd from Hermosa Beach. The album contains 12 songs that lean more toward a punk-inspired hard rock approach than their earlier hardcore sound. The tracks on this effort are also longer than many of their earlier recordings. I'm reminded of other albums like the Stooges 1973 classic Raw Power which is viewed by many as the quintessential garage rock album, and by others as one of the first "true" punk records. Like Raw Power, Oddities... is full of blazing guitars, thundering drums and ear-piercing screams, and while it isn't entirely slam dance worthy like their earlier albums, any real fan should appreciate this as a true punk rock piece of art. Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities was the band's only full-length studio recording since their 1989 disbandment and 1994 reformation, and also their only release on a major label. And nowadays, it's very hard to find a copy of this one, As of now, the album is out of print. So, i can tell you that this CD is very rare worth colected release from these living legend.

Download Circle Jerks - Oddities, Abnormalities, & Curiosities full album

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Racebannon - In the Grips of the Light

The Band's name - Racebannon, was taken from one of the characters on the cartoon Johnny Quest. And this was their second full length by these rock 'n' roll juggernaut released under Secretly Canadian Records in 2002. From the very first notes, you can hear just how unique the song writing is. But I think the highlight of this album is the fact that most of the songs have forsaken a traditional ending in favour of abrasive noise that allows the album to flow from beginning to end.Contains 8 tracks, this album was a sonically saturating blend of Beefheartian spontaneity Melvins-esque heavy sludge, and Melt-Banana-like chaos slapped forcefully through a barrage of distortion, emotion, distress, and dismay. With this album, Racebannon is on a quest to represent the state of Indiana with glorious noise and chaos, spewing geysers of noise as if there were no tomorrow; long stretches of near-ambient rustlings, steely guitar pinging, and primal drumming only serve to ratchet up the tension before they wallop you again.
For you who are fans of Level Plane roster and Off Minor, this one is a must have.

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Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation - S/T 2008

It's an all-female grindcore band from Japan- FLAGITIOUS IDIOSYNCRASY IN THE DILAPIDATION ( F.I.D. ). And this was their debut self titled full length released in 2008 under premier Czech grindcore label Bizarre Leprous. This 17 song debut album sure is brutal, and when you hear the vocals, it's almost impossible to accept that these sounds are coming out of the lungs of a young girl. The music is raw, primal grindcore that comes out of the tradition of early Earache stuff, early days of grindcore when only the most extreme and devoted fans knew of its existence. Vocalist Makiko uses two different vocal styles, one being a high pitched, shrill scream that is definitely intoxicating as well as a low pitched growl. Both are quite impressive and are just one of the many things that makse the band hypnotic to listen to. The album has other cool little moves, like the weird stuttering blastbeats that the drummer plays from time to time, and the occasional brief downshift into devestating Corrupted-strength sludge. These girls really know how to play grindcore at the mamimmum best. This album really essential for you who want to know how if grindcore being dominated by bunch of these telented girls. And they are from Japan. Enjoy!

Download Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation - S/T 2008 full album

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birdflesh - The Farmer's Wrath

This "The Farmers' Wrath" CD was the fourth full length by these Swedish Humorous Grindcore act - Birdflesh, that released under Obscene Records in November 2008. Contains 26 tracks, This album was fulfilled with potty and gore humor, Swedish Grind and some aspects of children’s music to make a super awesome blend. The grindcore by these men is known for their retarded lyrics and even worse costumes.This was also the first album for Birdflesh worked with the new Bass player : Panda Flamenco. For the people who are not familiar yet with Birdflesh, expect a nice, old school grind record, think of Repulsion, Napalm Death, more of that. Birdflesh will make you laugh and mosh till you die over and over again. These guys really know how to have fun and grind and that’s why this album rules. If you have a sense of humor and can act like a kid, enjoy this album.

Download Birdflesh - The Farmer's Wrath full album

Death Vomit - The Prophecy

Hailing from Indonesia, these old time legend of Indonesian Death Metal leading act - Death Vomit last known full length studio album that released under well known Rottrevore Records in 2006. Contains 9 fast and heavy tracks includes the cover song from the Almighty - Slayer, "Criminally Insane". Amazing drum playing that show the influent from Suffocation and Fear Factory, Brilliant guitar rifting, it makes the album took it chance to be called as the best Indonesian Death Metal album. Formed in Yogyakarta back in 1995, Death Vomit had been through their almost 15 years amazing carreer as most expected and respected Death Metal Act in Indonesia. These guys always find a healthy mix among their influential as Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Fear factory and then bang them together into 90's death metal style. Also you can find inside the CD, an echanced Video as a bonus, contains the interview and the story during the recording session. Very Recommended!

Download Death Vomit - The Prophecy full album.

Born From Pain - Survival

This was the first album for these Holland Hardcore act - Born From Pain, worked with the new Vocalist : Rob Franssen ( previously the bass player ) and also the new bass player : Andries Beckers after the departure of Che Snelting. "Survival" was released in November 2008 under Metal Blade records, contains 11 tracks which all of them shows the musical change from fast and aggressive style to many beatdown rhythms and mid tempos with a combination of some modern melodic riffs that give the idea that maybe they were a bit blown away from new style bands such as Machine Head or by adjudging the track "The Wolves Are Loose" may allow us to create an association that the dutch masters were lately influenced by Mastodon. The choruses are punctuated with gang vocals, and of course breakdowns are frequent and crushing. Musically, Born From Pain defiantly are more akin to American hardcore and thrash rather than their native European metal. The lyrics on Survival are very politically conscious, as their statement on the band's official website :" ... This is a wake up call. This ia a call for awareness. A call for critical view on the powers that be. This is a call for Resistance!" 

Download Born From Pain - Survival

MOB 47 - Ultimate Attack

A completed discography that packed inside double CD by these swedish Hardcore legend - MOB 47 released under Speedstate Records (Japan) in 2003. Contains 124 songs includes live tracks, demos and tracks released on tape only compilations. The recordings represent the many different band line ups including some solo material with Ake backed by a drum machine. Highlights include their 1983 "Karnvapen Attack" 7" and some killer live tracks (some of these have been booted onto LP’s in the past). Formed in Stockholm in 1982, Mob 47 has been known as the most widely known and loved Swedish hardcore bands that contemporaries with ANTI-CIMEX and played a similar style of break-neck hardcore punk. Their sound was remarkable because they combined a strong Discharge influence with the speed of the fastest US hardcore bands, such as DRI and Gang Green, fast and aggressive. Raging Hardcore Punk that hit hard as all hell, and then some, with a dirty edge and rumbling low end. Equally fast, catchy, and memorable. All the way through. A solid listen that demands repeated listening, just check this one out.

Download MOB 47 - Ultimate Attack full album

Man Is The Bastard - Sum Of The Man " The Brutality Continues.."

Formed in Claremont, California back in 1991 and then disbanded in 1997, Man Is The Bastard were a pioneering hardcore punk band who contributed the name, and perhaps also the ethos, to the punk subgenre known as power violence. This album was the official re-release of their first album plus tracks from the "our earth's blood" 7inch, and splits with born against, bleeding rectum, and sinking body released under Vermiform Records in 1996. Contains 32 tracks, this album's sound was a brutal mix of complicated technical riffing and straight-up hardcore. Man is the Bastard is by no means an easy listen. Their songs are bludgeoning, sometimes painful, and very noisy.Using double Bass Guitar player which the bass's sound always drively distorted, brutally pounded with dual dual grinding voices, Man Is the Bastard also made the move of displacing the electric guitar from its long reign as the primary instrument of punk aggression. Their thematic emphasis on the primitive and mythological would continue in Man Is the Bastard records such as “Sum of the Men” and the split album with Bleeding Rectum. The fullest expression of these concerns appeared with the 7 inch EP entitled “Backward Species,” which combined an almost anthropological/New Historicist approach to humanity’s violent practices. If you are into Hardcore Punk or Power Violence shit, check this one out.

Download Man Is The Bastard - Sum Of The Man " The Brutality Continues.." full album

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Ultimate Warriors - Our Gimmick Is Wrestling

This was the one & only full length by these Nazareth, Pennsylvania´s bad boys of wrasslin´-core that was released under Doppelganger Records. It's very hard to find any The ultimate Warriors's album considering to the limited copy everytime their efforts being released. And this one, as i informed, was released limited for 1000 copies around the world. This album is a raging Power Violence which the sound has expanded with heavier breakdowns, sampling, and occasional hilarity, the Ultimate Warriors intend to deliver spiked piledrivers to all those un-hip to their sound. If you know nothing about these guys, they are Power Violence band that always put something crazy in their live shows. From messy chaos with gorillas and bananas, to barbed wire chains, to microwaves being brought in from a window by the head Warrior troublemaker, Jonny the Catt, no one is ever sure what to expect, not even the Warriors themselves. And this their only one full length was a utterly crazy power violence, tight, great hardcore/spazzcore/grind whatevercore.which is played at the speed of light which the topic of the lyrics are crossing from pro wrestling to Lybian hit squads. Disbanded in 2004, the Ultimate Warriors have been bringing fast, moshy, noisy hardcore to the forefront, with a decidedly wrestling theme, both lyrically and presentationally.
For you all who are into raging Power Violence revere to bands like; Spazz or Charles Bronson, this one is directly for you.

Download The Ultimate Warriors - Our Gimmick Is Wrestling full album

The Dilinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity

Intense organized chaos in short brutal spurts. Yeah, this album is not for the faint of heart. It is pure sonic madness. This "Calculating Infinity" CD was the debut studio album by these based New Jersey Experimental Mathcore act- Dilinger Escape Plan that released under Relapse Records in 1999. It was a metal album that leans more towards hardcore and math-rock than prog: no keys here, just lots of odd-time rhythms, manic (and really impressive) instrumental work, and mostly screamed vocals. This music is not for those who take a certain pleasure in listening, but for those who seek a 'trash your apartment soundtrack' worthy of a medievil battlefront. The musical value in this album is it's complexity and the extremes it goes to to display it, manipulating every possible facet of musical talent each band member has and then some, because of the complexity of its song structures, which feature irregular time signatures and jarring changes of pace. This band's manic tunes are more like high-level trigonometry; mind-blowingly complicated, incomprehensible to most and strangely satisfying to a select studious few.
Just check this one out, and start to calculate! You won't be let down.

Download The Dilinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity full album

Romantic Gorilla - S/T 1998

This was their last known full length after their Split album with legendary Spazz. Released in 1998 under Sound Pollution Recortds. Consist of 19 tracks that fullfilled with Thrashy guitars riffting, fast-pounding drumming also Amazing high pitched screaming female voice, yeah, it was a Crusty Power violence album by these Crazed Japanese hardcore. Formed in Japan back in 1993, Romantic Gorrila had been spread their unique style for almost 16 years in their amazing carrer. I don't hear much about these guys nowadays, but the first time as i remembered when listening into this album, was feel like taken back into the Power Violence glory days. The time when hardcore music was giving something more straight in my face, short, fast and loud!

Download Romantic Gorrila - S/T 1998 full album