Monday, December 27, 2010

cryptic Slaughhter

This was the last known release by these Americans fastcore leading act entitled : Speak your Peace released under well known Metal Blade recs. in 1990.
Contains 9 tracks, As was the case with most crossover bands, Cryptic Slaughter felt pressured to pick one scene or the other, therefore diluting their sound with thrash metal cliches. Speak Your Peace is way more controlled and less psychotic than Convicted or Money Talks. I can still get into it, but these guys were way better suited playing insane technical thrash... not mid-paced thrash.
There are a few awesome riffs... the intro to Still Born Again and Co Exist in particular. Lifestyles of the Poor and Lowly is pretty funny, and brings back some of the hardcore edge... more often than not, however, the album seems plagued by plodding, discordant, slow riffs and boring mid-thrash parts. The production is refined... something that would suit a different band well does not work at all for CS. These guys need a muddy, noisy, extreme sound. The resulting album was quite a change in style for the band, moving from their hardcore punk roots more to a crossover thrash sound, complete with quirky rhythms and melodies. Well. this is old school.. you know what will you get.. enjoy them.

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