Thursday, November 25, 2010

Magrudergrind s/t 2009


This was the last known release by these Washington attractive grindcore act that released under well known Willowtip Recs. Contains 16 tracks, through this CD Magrudergrind have already proven they can play fast, loud, and ultimately kick your face in small doses. The album basically kicks off as an expected sequel to their 2007 debut, Rehashed, with songs that are short gut-punch-you-’til-you-vomit-blood slices of fuck your mother. But there’s a method to the madness, and they all seem incredibly well thought-out even as they manage to maintain their anarchic glee. sound is razor sharp and impeccably tight; harsh and unbearably fast with little to no evidence of any outside influences. In fact, this style of grind honestly has little to do with heavy metal; nothing about this album is “heavy” in the traditional sense, and the riffs are based more on straight noise than any kind of distinguishable or technical patterns. the movie samples do add a dash of humor to the otherwise no-bullshit, politically charged song titles, they aren't at all cheesy. And there’s no rolling double bass or real goofy dual growl/high-pitch scream thing--instead, simple and catchy riffs that sometimes recall ‘80s hardcore, sometimes death metal, and traditional screams with a nice grunt every once in a while tossed in for effect. I love everything about the album, the raspy and original vocals, the decent production which makes it sound so much more raw and heavy, the spazztic drumming, the never ending grinding n' shredding guitar, the awesome & obscure movie clips and political disputes, and of course the intense political, religious and life in general themed lyrics. This album directly to you who loves grindcore. Enjoy grind heads!

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