Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Black Flag - In My Head

The 6th full length and also the last studio album by these legendary American Hardcore punk band - Black Flag - Originally released in 1985 under SST records. Contains 9 trcaks, this album was the final full length is arguably their finest and definitely their most inovative, the current lineup being Greg Ginn, Henry Rollins, Anthony Martinez, and Kira. Slower and yet more experimental than former albums, with a Black Sabbathian edge to it's hardcore sound but without resorting to metal. Rollins'voice is lower in the mix than ever before and weirdly echoey but certainly gets the job done. Excellent drumming as usual and just as in Loose Nut, Ginn's guitar solos are more restrained and rock'n roll oriented without loosing their manic edge. Songs like "Out Of This World" and "Society's Tease" demonstrate Greg Ginns masterful guitar work and Henry's ferious vocal management, these are heavy tunes with all the trademark Black Flag intensity. it also is the start of what is also defined today as postpunk.when i first heard this album it just blew me away i thought i knew what punk was all about.but after i relized that it was about thinking,attitude and music . something the black flag has lots of in there albums .so being the last of some 10 albums it still is has lots to say and is never boring to listen to.
This album demonstrates the true musical master talent of this band and doesn't sacrafice any of the intensity and aggression from their previous releases. You can label this as hardcore jazz experimental metal punk, but I'd just rather call it excellent music. Enjoy!

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Decapitated - The Negation

if you're into an album that got the speed and punishing intensity of the drumming, this CD surely, will entertaint you. The 2004 full length studio album from these Poland Death Metal Leading band - Decapitated - released under Earache Records in March 2004.
Contains 8 solid tracks, this album was
a welcome step in the right direction for this talented young band. These young guys seem to be finally coming into their own. The vocals have become much more expansive than their first two full-lengths. Their drummer has been great from the get-go -- it's actually pretty amazing that he hasn't lost a beat, with already many years of aggressive drumming under his belt. Vitek truly does credit to Death Metal with his efforts here. Not so stupidly over the top, as you might find on early Nile albums, but still retaining that brutal blast beat without falling too much into the trap of physical impossibility, the likes of which you might find on Sleep Terror's latest record.
"The Negation", while not exactly breaking any new ground, shows us that the old still has plenty of kick left in it. It isn't a rehash of basic metal riffs, it is a new take on what some say is making the Death Metal genre stale these days. Every song on this album is good, there are none that stand out as particularly awful. Decapitated has truly struck an excellent balance between the modern metal scene and the metal that the long-term lovers such as myself know and love.
Considering how unrelenting and punishing this CD is, I'm sure it will have equal appeal to fans of grindcore and death metal, although I would definitely consider it death. Absolutely raging, spine-splintering, cranium-cracking, death!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Propagandhi - Less Talk, More Rock!

The second full length album also the second time working with Fat Wrecks Records by these Canadian Punk leading band - Propaghandi - released in May 1996. Contains 14 tracks,
there are some brilliant messages running within the powerful music. It seems these days that anyone who believes in any liberal ideas passionately, is automatically labeled with the dreaded (and I'm convinced right-wing invented not to mention completely thoughtless and stupid) "politically correct" catch phrase. So it's refreshing to see a band that has so much soul and aren't afraid to speak out about what they believe in. The only good facists is a very dead facist, is, in my opinion the best track on the record. The lyrics and message are much more simple, but a very important one. Racism is still experienced by people of all colours, and is believed in by people of all colours. People of all colours need to end it. It challenges white pride, that there is very little for them to be proud of, and more things for them to be ashamed of.
"Less Talk, More Rock" is fun activist punk that will make you dance and make you think. It's pro-feminist, queer-positive, anti-fascist and animal-friendly, proving that social change can be both serious and joyful. Besides, like Emma Goldman once said, "If I can't dance to it, then it's not my revolution!" Enjoy!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Terrorizer - Darker Days Ahead

After almost 17 tears waiting, finally here it come the second full length album entitled : Darker Days Ahead from these Grindcore Godfather - Terrorizer - was released under Century Media in August 2006. Terrorizer's music is now more death metal than grindcore. Breakneck tempos, blast beats and blistering guitars are topped with Rezhawk's searing death metal growls. They also do a new version of "Dead Shall Rise" from World Downfall. Contains 12 tracks, Darker Days Ahead is a bunch of immensely brutal and satisfying songs with blazing riffs, blasting drums, and deep, barking vocals.
The music can occasionally be a little repetitive, but there's still more than enough power and energy in Pete's astounding drum performance and Jesse's speaker-destroying guitar parts to make this disc warrant carrying Terrorizer's name. As a whole the songs are longer than the fisrt cd. While I preferred Nausea's vocalist Oscar Garcia to the guy on this cd, the new guy actually has a pretty good voice and tries to sound like Oscar on some parts. Pete's drumming is incredible and this is just an excellent cd.
Darker Days Ahead is a very solid death metal album with a lot of memorable Grindcore riffs and outstanding drumming from Pete Sandoval. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Misery Index - Traitors

A lot of bands in Grindcore Genre keep the songs short, and Misery Index does several two minute tracks. They are also able to stretch things out, and their four and five minute songs have enough diversity and are sufficiently compelling to hold the listener's interest. This "Traitors" Cd was the last know full length studio album by these Baltimore's Grindcore master - Misery Index - released under well known label - Relapse Records in November 2008.
Contains 11 tracks, this album shows the band evolving into the full-formed killing machine that their earlier material only hinted at. This album also a thought-provoking package. In the liner notes, Netherton accompanies each song with a famous quote. For example, there's Albert Einstein's "Never do anything against conscience" line, and Nietzsche's oft-cited saw about gazing into an abyss. Such invocations could come cheaply, but they match the songs. Backed by some of the most scathing anti-government, anti-religion and anti political lyrics I’ve read, Traitors amounts to an insurgent, musical coup d’etat against the current state of affair in the US. Urgent and violent but with a calculated sense of purpose, Traitors delivers 11 anthems of rebellion and tangible disgust with the current state of things.
From the opening intro/instrumental We Never Come in Peace you can tell this one will tear you to shreds. It's a slow and heavy opening before Theocracy comes crashing out the gates. Once the guitar slide and blast kick into mack 3 you know this is gonna be good. Severe brutality awaits you. Guitars grind, drums detonate and the band's furious vocal onslaught rail against a world aflame. What more you expect? Just grind your head then..

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Bad Religion - The Process Of Belief

"The Process Of Belief" was the first album for these legendary Punk Rock band have a reunion with the old founding members - Brett Gurewits - released under Epitaph Records in 2002. 12th full-length release in a career that is now older than most of their fans, contains 14 tracks, this album was little to betray the band's classic blend of harmonious punk melodies and acid-tongued politics. Bad Religion is more than just a punk rock band. They are a punk rock institution. They have existed for almost 20 years and have always been a part of the musical evolution that is independent music. The music in this album is fast and tight and the lyrics are so sharp, more diverse and more melodic. they'll stay in your head for weeks.
This is punk at its finest and then some. Bad Religion continue to offer the goods while evolving in its sound, and they still have insightful comments to make about the world we live in. There is enough speed to satisfy the old-school die hards, and enough new elements added to keep things fresh. This may be the most balanced Bad Religion album ever, even if it doesn't quite reach the top of the overall list. It should satisfy those who only listen to their older harder material, those who only listen to their new stuff, and those like myself who love all of their albums.
This album is a must for any true bad religion fan.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vitamin X - Full Scale Assault

Last known full length studio album by these Thrashcore leading band from Netherland - Vitamin X- released under Tank Crimes Records in 2008. Contains 20 tracks, this album shows a perfect balance of proffesional sheen and violent punk.
It took me about an hour to come across Vitamin X. I had to go through a lot of not so great acts in order to come upon this band, and it was completely worth the time and effort. Within the "Full Scale Assault" package lies a pretty standard crossover record though. Quite competent and rabid for sure which goes the span to cover two similar variations that Vitamin X specializes on; the desperate hardcore, and the desperate hardcore with flirty winks to classic rock. You'll get 20 songs of pure energy, power, heart, and a whole lot of screaming. The longest song on this album is a little over two minutes long. Everything else is about a minute plus of blistering guitars, excellent bass work, competent drumming, and vocals that any hardcore singer would kill for. The songs are put together well, and the lyrics are very witty. There is definitely a great message in this album, and it does make you think about life and why you do certain things. Enjoy!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Locust - Plague Soundscapes

This album was The Locust's debut album working with Anti Records that was released in June 2003. Contains 24 tracks, you'll get a thrashing anxiety-attack of brutal, in-your-face grindcore, whiplash rhythms and growling, throat scratching screams propelled by reckless, furious guitars. This is a cocktail of chaos and mayhem; an infernal blast of terror and anger put into quick, barely over a minute bursts. The Locust are the band that you love to hate. They are too hardcore for the gay kids and too gay for the hardcore kids. They're not punk, punk is a dead, lifeless horse carcass that kids with tight plaid pants and mowhawks just keep beating with a baseball bat trying to get every drop of life out of it.
This album is an intelligent, cohesive, and overwhelmingly provocative album. The guys can play their instruments incredibly well, the music is wickedly tight and dynamic, it's not rare for a single 45 second song to plow through 10 time signature changes (some excellent drumming can be heard on this record). The guitar riffery is everywhere, ranging from razor sharp thrash cutups to primal sludge from outer space. The keyboards are insectoid and jerky. The tortured singing/screaming from the band members is indeed melodic (if you bother to actually listen) and contains bizarre and surprisingly nuanced rhythmic cadences that flow with the music.
Lyrically, we've got some odd, disjointed post-post-modernist ruminations on bodily fluids, political intrigue, culture, wounded animals, the environment, body parts, war, teenage moustaches, etc. The lyrics are always absurdist, fluctuating regularly between profane and profound. It's amazing how they can write such odd things, but still get the message across. It's some profound stuff.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Agnostic Front - Warriors

Formed in around of 1980, it's been almost 3 decades Agnostic Front kicking around the worldwide Hardcore/Punk scene. And this "Warriors" CD was their last known full length album released in November 2007 under Nuclear Blast Records. Consist of 14 solid NYHC tracks, the bands message of family and unity has never come across stronger in their music. Warriors is a statement of strength in the face of adversity and few bands make a statement louder than Agnostic Front. This album is exactly what you'd expect from Agnostic Front. It's intense hardcore/crossover thrash with thick, meaty riffs from guitarists Joseph James and Vinnie Stigma. The songs are simple, catchy and groovy and also pack plenty of punch. What I really dig about this album is how furious it sounds. I haven’t heard anything with this amount of anger and hatred in a long, long time. The metal influence, typical of New York Hardcore, is evident, but the tempo has been upped and the riffs are fucking killer. This is hardcore thrash metal and it is good quality hardcore thrash metal as well. "Warriors" explodes right from the beginning with a flurry of double bass drumming.
New York Hardcore still is, and obviously will always be, the cornerstone of this group. If there are two things that define Agnostic Front, it’s integrity and no compromise.

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Six Feet Under - Death Rituals

Last known full length album by these Tampa's Death Metal leading act - Six Feet Under, released under Metal Blade Records in 2008. All that being said, one reason that I like Six Feet Under so much is that they have the balls to keep music fun for themselves. Contains 13 tracks, the music on this album is brutally bludgeoning, I hear it on for the first time and started headbanging. Six Feet Under consistently delivers quality American death metal, and "Death Rituals" is no exception. SFU’s style is very recognizable, and they don’t deviate very far from that path. Mid tempo songs are crushingly heavy, but have ample groove and hooks. It Features a Classics death vocal of Chris Barnes, guitars that are almost always eerie or head bobbingly heavy and drums that are not too busy. My personal favorite track is “Bastard”. It is perhaps the only track that I could attempt to label as “fun” and features the band showing off its Graveyard Classics tendencies. Yes, it is an old Motley Crue cover. They push it through the Six Feet Under machine, slowing it down and sludging it up a bit to better fit their style, but you can still definitely tell it is a Crue song.
Chris Barnes’ death growls seem really high in the mix on this album, and his lyrics deal with the usual topics of death, death, death and murder. What can we say? He is Chris Barnes... :)

Download Six Feet Under - Death Rituals full album

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Madball - Infiltrate The System

Last known full length by these New York Hardcore veterans - Madball - released under Ferret Records in the middle of 2007. Contains 13 tracks, this album was features more complex structures and compositions than the Madball of the past, while the lyrical content has moved beyond topics of hardcore and family loyalty to far more engaging lexicon. 13 tracks that combine the most tried-and-true and fan-beloved elements of their esteemed catalogue with new depth, renewed urgency, increasing diversity and a near-conceptual approach to new stories about the streets and the world. This album have a new level of control over the cds production and mixing which is great, sound heavier on just about everyway the music is tight, groove ridden, streamlined if you will and the lryics are a little more politally charged then totally personal. Maybe, i will classify this as a metalcore album, in this case, the metal comes from heavier, busier hardcore-evolved riffs to thrash. Breakdowns are riffs played at half-tempo with double bass drum beatings, and thankfully not of the single-note variety. this incarnation of the band is one of the best I loved matt hendersons guitar, will shepler on drum and vinny stigma and every one else in the band but this band simple shares one vision together i think they just click & groove from the sounds of things.
So, here they come the veterans!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sepultura - Chaos A.D.

Sepultura's 5th studio album entitled : Chaos A.D. released under Roadrunner in the late of 1993. The four men from Belo Horizonte could foresee a glorious future after Beneath the Remains and the huge Arise in 1990. "Chaos A.D. upped the production values several notches witch rid the band of a sometimes rough sound. The diminishing of their past speed wasn't a bad thing either, as the riffs are some of the most brutal i have ever heard in the Thrash Catalogue. They slowed down a bit and added little more of a tribal, Native American sound on this album. The sound of Max's voice fits in perfectly with the music and the lyrics. Max Cavalera roars with his rage of his country's state, concerning at war and economic decay, songs with serious, informed lyrics about lands being torn asunder by war, greed, and corruption. Probably the most notable thing here is Sepultura's creative use of rhythms. There is a fine balance between heavy, compelling grooves, and corny "brootal breakdowns." This album has better developed vocals and sees the band going acoustic for one song.
I think all of Sepultura's albums are great, but Chaos A.D. is definatley the best.

Download Sepultura - Chaos A.D. full album

Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire

The Second album from these legendary Political leading band - Rage Against The Machine-was achieve their 1996 Grammy Award. Evil Empire released under Sony Music in April 1996, and you'll get a grimy, dark and sinister effort that better showed off RATM's hiphop and punk influences when hearing this album. Contains 11 tracks, there is an unbelievable energy captured on this record. Maybe for the fact that it was mostly recorded live, in the studio. It took me a few listens before I truly recognized the quality of this album. The riffing isn't as repetitive as the first album, and the lyrics aren't quite as juvenile as that release either. I must give Tom Morello some mention, of course, since his solos are interesting and innovative as always. The highlight here is "Bulls on Parade", where his solo sounds like a DJ scratching a turntable; the fact alone that the man has to duplicate this live is insane. All lyrics are some of Zack's best in my opinion and the chorus is the bands all time best, hands down.
RATM, as heard on this album, are no doubt legends in this genre and have influenced bands that have followed. "Evil Empire" is the only Rage album that stands up to repeat listenings, in my opinion.

Download Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire full album

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Corrosion of Conformity - Deliverance

This was the fourth album by these North Carolina Crossover leading band- Corrosion Of Conformity - released under Columbia Records in November 1994. Formed in 1982, Corrosion of Conformity has retained their ever-so-fitting name throughout numerous lineup and style changes. Corrosion Of Conformity can speed their sound and go mental as in their beginings or either can slow down the madness and be more judgemental, but always they will stand for their ideological and political tougths. Contains 14 songs, this album and the first on which Peeper Keenan was lead singer. By this album, the band had completely shed their punk and thrash influences, instead opting for Black Sabath -inspired heavy metal style. Being dark and positive at the same time, very catchy riffs, excellent bass and drum work make Deliverance a must have for any music fan that enjoys groove metal, sludge metal or even classic Southern rock. There is a host of great rocking tracks, all enveloping that southern swagger and a great bent for melody. My favourites include the grooving opener "Heaven Is Not Overflowing", the slow-burner "Albatross", "Clean My Wounds" which is one of the band's most catchy and well known songs. Enjoy!

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