Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jet & The Spank - Voice Power ( Single )

Grindcore from Semarang City, Indonesia. Anarchist, nihilistic, drugs, alcohol and sarcasm things, those was the impressions that i got from this band when the first time i met them. One song that shock my brain when the first time i hear it, which the guitarist playing an acoustic guitar jam session in javanesse languange that told about everything like a drunk man sing a song while keep on taking a tons of anti depressant things and drinks many bottles of alcohol. it's funny in the first second, but don't get me wrong, in the several seconds after, when the grindcore session begin, you'll get knocked down with how powerful, raw, wild with harsh and high pitched voice while garage and raw drumming running within straight in your fucking face. it's really raw and i really mean it.
It's a new band that formed around 2008, and i really can't wait for their full length album that been planned to be released around this year. A little bit remind me of Extreme decay but with different type of lyrics and atitude. just enjoy, highly recommended for you all who claim yourself as garage grind head! enjoy!

Download Jet & The Spank - Voice Power ( Single )

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Segar Bugar - EP 2008

It was the first 2008 EP by these Indonesian thrashcore attackers. Contains 7 tracks, this EP gives you a straight in your face music, fast, short and without any compromise. Hardly influenced by Bettercore & Migra Volenta, from the start until the end you'll get a very thrashy of brutal hardcore attacks. This is Thrashcore, there are not much to say. Just get myself ready, and... Booommm!! enjoy people...

Download Segar X Bugar - EP. 2008 full album.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yacopsae - Tanz, Grosny, Tanz...


This was the 2007 full length CD by these germany ultra fast hardcore legend - Yacopsae, released under Obscene Recs. The production is quite similar in quality to that given to previous Yacopsae works; you've got extremely upfront percussion right in your face, hard and gritty guitar sound, huge snare drum bludgeon and also hot killing voice stirred into the middle of it all. The strength of this band comes in a very noisy shape and that simple fact is the standard of the entire album. Actually..., that fact will also mean headaches and maybe heart attacks in some people.
Like Narcosis, they batter you with sections of splattered grind before suddenly stopping and starting with deadly accuracy, or they chuck in a bit of respite in the shape of a rocking catchy bit. Nothing you wouldn't expect then, but it is damn good. This is all pretty much sung in German so I have no idea what they're on about precisely, but I imagine lyrics are of a political nature.

Yes, there are some good moments and a couple of different paces inside this record. It is the 5% of the whole piece though, the 95% is just like I already explained. For you who still know nothing about this band, i'll tell you that the band's been grinding around from over 15 years since established in 1990.

Download Yacopsae - Tanz, Grosny, Tanz... full album

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Insect Warfare - Noise Grind Power Death


And... this was the last known release from these Texas Noise Grind entitled : Noise Grind Power Death. but as rumour said, this EP was the final release from them. One band who perfected the craft of Grindcore was Insect Warfare a band that savagely tore away at the frayed seems of established extreme music, attempting to burn the entire idea down before they broke up last year. I got to talk to the band and ask them about their legacy, their thoughts on music and what lies ahead. Insect Warfare is a grindcore band from Houston, Texas. Formed in 2004, they made their first demo “Gulf Coast Infestation” later that year. This earned them some interest from 625 records, which helped to release the following year IW’s next installment as a band, “At War With Grindcore” EP with 8 fast, heavy crust tracks on it. Insect Warfare once said : "We started around 2004 to play Grindcore in the vein of the early shit (88/89 UK grind) but also to incorporate a lot of the noisier style grind from the 90s that we were into." From the get go the listener is completely obliterated by huge amounts of intense feedback, pounding drums, scorching shrieks and bellows and an overall bottom heavy production. The band displays a devastating, and even painful at times, marriage of pure noise and grindcore with this LP. After listening to this recording three times in succession I was left with a headache and a need for fresh air. The album sounds as if they recorded five songs, each about a minute and a half long, took out the guitars and utilized vocal effects and general feedback instead, then proceeded to cut each song into ten sections with about a quarter second of breathing space in between. Needless to say it's pretty intense. Each "song" is a concise burst of primal aggression and is painfully awesome. The high volume feedback might kill your ear drums after awhile, but it's still enjoyable. This album isn't all to alien, being that the manner in which they play is exactly the same as with older recordings, they've just done away with the guitars and bass and opted to scream their way through songs, rather then riff it through. In the end it really seems like an improv record that's meant to fuck with people. While it actually is enjoyable, it is noisey, chaotic, barbaric and utterly destructive. Within the first ten hours of owning it, I've made good use of it to get people out of my room; this little baby clears people out in no time and gets people genuinely upset. It's easy to dismiss this record, but it's got some charm to it i can't ignore.

Download Insect Warfare -Noise Grind Power Death full album