Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Partisans - Idiot Nation

The Partisans formed in Bridgend, in South Wales in early 1978, disbanded in 1984, having several hits on the UK Indie Chart. The band finally re-formed in the late 1990s. And after 25 years without recording any new material, one of the best punk rock finest was returned with its best. Containing Blasting 11 new punk rock tunes with upbeat rhythms and some poppy songs, the Partisans have returned from their old school punk rock roots with Idiot Nation CD that released in 2004 by Dr. Strange Records. Good guitar solos in all tracks, steady drums and politically charged lyrics make Idiot Nation a great punk album with Stooges like influences and at times more melodic tunes. Yes, this band so political, even in their official website they once said : --" The Partisans stand by our every word, even in the modern world. We objected to the tactics of News International Ltd (U.K.) in the 1980's - and we're fully aware of the fact that it's the same old corporate shit running the same old show." -- And it proven by well written lyrics that deal with current political issues, the economy, the Media etc. Not much to say, If youre a punk, especially into the catchier side of the early material, you need to own this.

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DOM 65 - Secret Warehouse

When there was a question like, "would it be there an Indonesian punk's band who got the same musical quality as clasicalls Sex Pistols, Sham 69, Buzzcock, Cock Sparrer, etc?". And DOM 65 with their "Secret Warehouse" EP would be the right answer. Formed in Yogyakarta Indonesia in 1997, after some album released, finally DOM 65 change their musical direction into 80's rock revere to band like Pink Floyd, and even they did a cover song from Pink Floyd entitled : "Shine on you Crazy diamond". But as the band always say, that 77 punkrock and Oi! tune would always be inside the soul of DOM 65. But they did being influented by 80's rock heros all at once. And the real result : The music stands among Hardrock, Punk, Avantgarde Rock, Progressive Rock, but still running on the main track of punkrock. Containing 4 tracks, "Secret Warehouse" EP would be very enjoyable when you listen to it while a bottle of hard wine handled in your hand.

Download DOM 65 - Secret Warehouse full EP

Nailbomb - Point Blank

Nailbomb was Max Cavalera's heaviest project done with Alex Newport, and once played one live performance before disbanding. And this "Point Blank" CD is the one and only of studio recording from them that relased in 1994 under Roadrunner. The basis for Nailbomb was a guitar sound of titanic proportions melded with a number of rhythms- hardcore, electronic, metallic, synthetic and organic. Over top of it all, Alex and Max trade vitriolic hardcore shouts, keeping it simple and angry in their lyrical targets. Max is in usual fine form and Alex adds that special touch to make this project band being efective killer. An album of hardcore inspired tracks, combining anger filled political and social commentaries with one of the most crushing guitar sounds ever heard. Fans of Godflesh,Corrosion Of Conformity,Ministry and Napalm Death, would find their joy with this classic powerfully CD.

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The Business - Sub Urban Rebels

The Business are one of crucial band in worldwide Oi!/Street Punk movement, one band that so influential, provoking lot of Oi!/Street Punk bands to be born nowadays. Formed in 1979 in Lewisham, South London, The Business has been release 11 studio album and countless EP, compilation LP and CD during their almost 3 decade career. This "Sub Urban Rebels" CD originally released in their early years in 1983 by Link Records, and was re-released by Taang records in 1997. Containing 17 sing alongable tracks, this pulsating slab of melodic Oi/Punk Rock includes the Indie Chart hit singles 'Harry May', 'Smash The Discos' and 'Loud Proud N Punk' plus the Oi! album classics 'Real Enemy' and the title track. The songs have a harder edge than "welcome to the real world" and is pretty close to the sound of "we want the truth." while lyrics are of the standard street-punk/political stuff. This is Oi! for sure, and sure again, from the most crucial leading act... The Business!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Atari Teenage Riot - 60 Second Wipe Out

ATR's music began in 1992 as a potentially exciting amalgam of hard-core punk rock, techno, and drum & bass. This "60 Seconds Wipe Out" from Atari Teenage Riot was released in 1999 under Digital Hardcore Recordings. Some may feel that this album belongs more in the Electronica section but there is too much rage involved with this album. Atari Teenage Riot's album before, "The Future of War", was so loud and noisy that it was almost unbearable. The breakbeats seemed to have went through a dozen fuzzboxes and the sampled guitars were distorted to the maximum. "60 Second Wipe out" is actually somewhat more refined, Maybe they have just decided to take a different approach. No matter what, they sound better than ever. This is a no compromise Digital Hardcore with left winget Political Aware that rush with full force everytime you think you have a second to breath.

Fuck On The Beach - Power Violence Forever

This very classic from Japan fastcore/power violence hero - Fuck On The Beach was released in 1999 under Slap A Ham Records. Screeched vocals, frantic guitars, whirlwind beats, and sheer aural overload have become this band's trademark. This "Power Violence Forever" CD is the fastest, hardest, most unique japanese hardcore thrash I've ever heard. These japanese boys scream and yell in english mostly, coming up with delightful lyrics, Blindingly fast and heavy on all fronts, from the short bursts of energy that make up all of the tracks on here to the non-stop instrumental violence.
Containing 22 amazing tracks, it's feel like doing a fast riding with your old bike in a freeway. Really good band although it's hard to distinguish when songs end cause it all has the same vibe but it you like romantic gorilla, you'll like these guys just as much

Extreme Noise Terror - Law Of Retaliation

Extreme Noise Terror are one of key early UK Crust/Grind bands and still exist today since was formed in Ipswich in January 1985. "Law Of Retaliation is their newest LP released in 2008 under Osmose Records, after their split EP with Trap Them released also in 2008. Containing 19 tracks, in this LP, Extreme Noise Terror are always find a healthy mixing of metallic aggression with punk attitude, leaving an indelible impact after hearing them. Everything is so deathly desperate and fast, you can’t help being overwhelmed by it all. Most songs are just under 2 minutes, the few that go beyond it do so for only a few seconds. That keeps things concise, an apocalyptic heap of fury and mayhem, all neatly packaged for your listening delight. 

Extreme Noise Terror was one of the first to play an aggressive style crust punk. This crust punk would later be known as grindcore but Extreme Noise Terror never really played pure grindcore. They were highly influential, spawning countless crustcore bands to be born. Even Mick Harris and Barney from the Legendary Napalm Death ever joining into Extreme Noise Terror in the past days. And with "Law Of Retaliation", Extreme Noise Terror return to their roots of grinding hardcore punk featuring the original savage vocal duo spitting forth venomous politically & socially aware lyrics!

Komunal - Hitam Semesta

Here they come, Komunal, a leading Stoner Metal act from Indonesia with their second release entitled : "Hitam Semesta", released under Barbar Music in the early month of 2008, consist 18 groovy , sludgy, heavy, and Stony tracks all at once. Komunal brilliant work's shine out through track by tracks inside, uncompromise to thrashing the music till the end of the cd while sometimes "interupted" with sludgy session in the start or the middle of all tracks. Well, sure if we compare Komunal with the great Black Sabbath, Pantera, or another over seas stoner heroes, this album would have no anything to fight with. But as a band who presents a new stony kind in metal music, i think Komunal would grab their chance to survive in the new era of music industry competition. With 18 tracks inside it, Komunal has been giving their best through the release. So, pump up the CD player's volume to the highest level coz Rock N' Roll is death, and Komunal came to save it! Prepare yourself!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yacobsae - Pop-Punk Alienation

This undisputed kings of bonecrushing ultra fast hardcore Yacobsae formed in 1990 in Hamburg, Germany. "Pop Punk Alienation" is Yacobsae's deal with a really outstanding release where they cover in a very personal and original way their faves in Punk Rock and Pop-Punk. Containing 11 cover + 2 own songs in 34 minutes, it's a collection of some cover songs from Weezer, Everclear, Compulsion, Nirvana,The Wannadies, Teen Idols, Fastbacks and Glow. Plus two own Pop-Punk tunes. And Yacobsae didn´t destroy them with blast beats, it´s 100% cover versions with their own sound and with German accent.
Hearing a bunch of identical covers of pop-punk songs with a German accent over them doesn't really wasting time for me just because it happens to have been done by one of the most insane grind/powerviolence bands of all time. You can download it for laugh in the "Download Full Album" section, enjoy!

The International Noise Conspiracy - A New Morning, Changing Weather

Formed in Sweden in 1998, The International Noise Conspiracy suddenly well known as a rock band with their left winged political aware. "A New Morning, Canging Weather" was their thirth full lenght album that released in 2001 under Burning Heart Records after their second full lenght, entitled : "Survival Sickness" released in 2000 under the same label. Containing 11 tracks, New Morning, Changing Weather shows a dramatic improvement over the singles, it's more musically diverse, adding some keyboard-driven soul to the mod and garage roots, somewhat like the punk-blues of The Delta 72. The Conspiracy rocks, driven by booming drums that are brash and nearly always danceable. Like Rocket From the Crypt's Speedo, singer Dennis Lyxzén is effective as a garage shouter, but does not quite step up to the new funk and soul elements in their sound.
Started their departure from a quote from Phil Ochs that stated: "the perfect rock outfit would be a combination of Elvis and Che Guevara" and together they decided to mold a politically charged music outfit based on this idea. Their music can be describes as "a hybrid of garage rock and soul of the mid 1960's mixed with the punk of the late 1970's" with seriously lyrics offer post-Marxist commentary on capitalism, urban decay, wage labor and sexuality. Yes, This is as real as rebel music that made to be played at extreme volume.

Betercore - Youthcrust Discography

Betercore was a powerviolence/youthcrustcore straight-edge political band formed in Holland in 1997. And it was the Youthcrust Discography that I think what the last think that was released. Albums like this document why discographies, especially for now-disbanded bands with limited press runs on their records, can sometimes be a very, very good idea. Youthcrust Discography was a complete discography consist of 29 tracks of this devastating Dutch unit released on Refuse Records, lyricwise it is all political stuff, often with a sense of humour, both in english and dutch. Betercore is always known for their ultra fast hardcore which they call 'youthcrust' themselves, Spazztic fast-core that combines '80s elements with ultracore classics like Charles Bronson.This is hardcore with great spirited DIY punk roots, it’s how it should be! Recommended!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Locust - New Erection

The Locust was formed in 2001 and have a unique stage presence: costumed in skin-tight, full body nylon suits (which the band refer to as uniforms), they have at times come across to first-time viewers as frightening. Over the years though, their increasingly abrasive and unpredictable direction has become as polarizing as their notorious antics, both on and off stage. "New Erection" is their newest full lenght Cd released in 2007 under ANTI records after their EP CD entitled "Safety Second, Body Last" released in 2005 under Ipepac Records. Consist of 11 noisy tracks with political and satirically lyrics, "New Erection" could be the creative leap you've been waiting to hear. Their music arose from the members' refusal to adhere to the status quo and in 2007, the band has reaffirmed their status as one of music's most unpredictable and innovative acts. Simultaneously discombobulating and Swiss-watch precise, New Erections spikes and short-circuits with electronic hiccups that'd make a computer programmer's brain itch. It also marks the Locust's first major creative leap in years: employing jarring edits and logic-defying changes that lean more toward Digital Hardcore than hardcore punk. If you respect artistic boldness and are willing to work a little harder than most to find value in music, you should be able to get into The Locust and New Erections ranks among their best work.

Nofx - Wolf In Wolves Clothing

In their almost three decades ( formed in Berkeley, California 1983) - and amazing career, NOFX has come to know its disaffected punk-rocker world inside out. The most amazing thing is Nofx always sounded like Nofx, they did and they do now. With Wolves, the second album from the “political” NOFX, the band has narrowed its focus substantially to the point where it would be reasonable to describe one dominant theme: the disastrous consequence of giving governance to the most extreme of religious people. You know who I'm talking about; the people who can't seem to keep their noses out of anyone's business, whether it's what people do in the privacy of their homes, or how they chose to live, or how they chose to amuse themselves. "Wolf In Wolves Clothing" released on Fat Wreck and littered with political criticisms. With the band's outspoken and leftist nature, it was then not surprising when they launched Punk Voter, a movement of punk bands that sought to politically empower disenfranchised youth and vote George W. Bush out of office.
Look at the wonderful track entitled : “Leaving Jesusland”, it should become a rallying call for all moderate people sick of that attitude, the people -- atheist, Jewish, Christian or otherwise -- who want to see a rational thought enter the discourse again. As always, Nofx delivers a plurality of strong and brilliant lyrics prepacking all tracks inside "Wolf In Wolves Clothing".

Rambo - Wall Of The Death System

It's an anarchist political Hardcore band with a serious atitude, but all at once not forgetting how to have some fun. Their lyrics actually span a various topic like; Skate boarding, riding bike, chaos, anti government, religion, anarchy and bunch of another important shit. Formed in Philadelphia in 1999, Rambo has through almost a decade existence in hardcore scene. "Wall Of The Death System" was their first full lenght released in November 2001 under 625 Thrashcore consist of 21 hilarious devastating hardcore tracks. Almost in every Rambo's show, every member of the band don helmets, pads, and armor before entering the pit, trying to invite the audience into a hilarious atmosphere while being wild in the middle of the cirle pit. The band was also known for its unrelenting and widespread touring, as well as its theatrical live shows featuring many cardboard props depicting humorous-yet-political scenarios based around their anarcho-syndicalist convictions. Not much to say, don't forget to laugh while your body moving around following the thrashy hardcore beat while Rambo spread their Wall Of The Death System inside your room. Let's have some fun doods!

Raja Singa - Pandora

Raja Singa is a grindcore band from Bandung, Indonesia, and this "Pandora" Cd is their second full lenght album after the self titled EP in 2005. Raja Singa's Pandora released under Straineyes records ( Malaysia ) in 2007, consist of 15 tracks including some old tracks that been re-arranged Like : Killed by Raja Singa. It seem that Raja Singa try to import some Heavy Metal influences and then mix it with their standardize Grincore also polish them with some caricaturic and humorous sample of sound as an intro, and it all completely works!. Look at the track entitled : "Greencore", opened with a sound of some people whom getting high while smoking pot! Hahaha, what a brilliant idea! Even in the end of the CD, Raja Singa play the last track " Balada Sumanto Part II" in a funny Acapella way!
Basicly, Raja Singa take the legendary Napalm Death's music as their major influence, but i think Raja Singa got their own Grindcore's style. Yeah, Raja Singa Greencore!

Proletar - Back To Hatevolution

One another hailing from an Indonesian old time Grindcore legend, Proletar! "Back to Hatevolution" CD released under To Live A Lie Records in 2007, collects everything recorded to date by Proletar including releases from tape EPs, demos, full lenght album, splits and some unreleased tracks. Yes, this is a discography Cd consist of 55 tracks that gone in a 74 minutes of blasting fucking grindcore. The tracks are one-minute floggings with barreling bass drums, clattering blastbeats, and low/high vocals, exactly just what a grindcore band should do. But, considering that all tracks inside the CD were recorded in different recording session, "Back To Hatevolution" also gives us various recording sound's quality. I think, if you want to know about Proletar's journey through their efforts they created during an almost one decade existence, try this one!

Cranial Incisored - Glossosynthesis

Their last album "Rebuild: The Unfinished Interpretation of Irrational Behaviour" was released under Malicious Records (USA) in 2006 and this Indonesian leading chaotic - math grind act from Yoyakarta, Indonesia, released their new materials as a promotional Cd in 2007 with "Glossosynthesis" as the cd's tittle. Consist of 3 tracks which one of them is a cover song from the classic "Friday I'm In Love" by the cure that been extremely re-arranged by Cranial Incisored. Every band's member gave their great musical skill for this, considering that Cranial's music got a very complicated and unussual pattern on their music. Unfortunately, one thing that would make "Glossosynhesis" not too perfect is the quality of the recording sound. I think as a progressive band that plays a complicated pattern music like Cranial Incisored, a best special type of recording sound is a must. i don't know, but i think the sound was a little bit thicker than their albums before.
But overall, it's a great effort from them, also there is a video clip of "Felo De Se" inside the cd as a bonus, don't waste your time, grab this one.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hark! It's A Crawling Tar Tar - Dorr Darr Gelap Communique

All song's title inside the albums show about the absurdy of the story inside the lyric. Hark It's Crawling Tar Tar was build from fallen pieces of The Indonesian Sarcastic Hardcore finest : Domestik Doktrin. They play some kind of thrashy hardcore with some metal influence, synthethyizers and effects, prepacked with brilliant lyrics which tell about advocating a cultural revolution of their people's mindsets, rising up over the third world slave mentality. Every single song tells about unussual absurdy and heavy topic, giving a cause to our brain to think deeply while our head moving around enjoying the crazy hardcore beat they played. I don't have much to say, if you really agree that Domestik Doktrin is the greatest Indonesian hardcore band ever existed, so you must leave your time, hunting for this one!

Nervous Breakdown - Never Green

Formed in Jakarta, Indonesia March 5th 2006, Nervous Breakdown is offering something different with their unique music inside their Evergreen E.P. Somewhat, it's more experimental, more sarcastic, faster and straight in you face hardcore type of music. Released on Yes No Wave Music in June 2008, Evergreen E.P. consist of 6 tracks wich been polished with many various style of music's genre. There are blues, new wave and even 90's rock that chaoticly blended with standart Old Style Hardcore. There is a track entitled : Hardcore Suxxx, a slidy and bluesy guitar intro with sarcastic lyrics tell about their personal boredom about the indonesian hardcore scene.In an interview with a media, the vocalist once said: "our aim is so fucking simple, we just want to playing something that we love which is mean "music" and we would like to screaming everything that we felt in such as honesty ways. And the most importans reason why we create this band is just because we already fed up with every boring things in our life. All in all we're just a 4 piece depresive boys who afraid to commit suicide." What a kickking ass atitude!! i always give my atention to a band with a unique atitude, and Nervous Breakdown is one of them that always be in my list. Check this one out, it worth to be heard.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Earth Crisis - Breed The Killers

I think Earth Crisis's music on Breed the Killers is of another era: when metalcore and Victory weren’t in regrettable states, populated by a bunch of sissies with fashionable haircuts grunting through their tight jeans over a wankery take on melodic death metal. This is a re-release of an album that was originally released on Roadrunner in 1998 and was to be first and only album Earth Crisis released on that label. The re-united Earth Crisis will have a new album out in 2009, so somebody apparently thought it was time for a re-release. You can hear the classic tracks as End Begins, Ecocide,etc and the re-release has been added two live tracks of decent quality. The music is in a middle ground between hardcore and metal, between Sick of it All and Pantera. There is a slight stagnation as the album goes; the pace, riffs and ideas get slightly repetitive. The quality doesn’t really drop -- just the level of interest in them. It’s an unrelenting pounding with few thoughts of variation or melody, but if you dig deep heavy grooves and a bit of tofu whilst punching a whaler in the face, this is certainly for you.

Sepultura - A-lex

As the band defines it, it was written and composed in record time because it's basically a recording of the studio jams during the period of 3 month. It's the first album recorded with the new drummer Jean Dolabella and it sounds different from any other work by Sepultura. Following Iggor Cavalera’s departure in 2006, A-Lex will be the first Cavalera-less album in Sepultura’s 25 year career. The biggest issue here is to think of Sepultura as a band without Cavaleras. Yesterday I was surprised to look at the Cd's cover with the Sepultura logo emblazoned in it. For a few seconds I even thought this was a joke. After hearing this one, i feel like completely offended on the blatant mimicking, the singer sings just like Max just not quite as good, the guitar players plays just like Andreas just not as good, so I think you get my point. Not to say that A-lex is a bad effort or something, but i think this band cannot be compared with old Sepultura formation. Contain 17 tracks, certainly, just as great as Against, which I liked and as good as Dante XXI which I thoroughly enjoyed. A-Lex is a Russian expression that means ‘…no law’ and the record is inspired by Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. But still, i think it can not compared with old Sepultura's formation with Cavaleras brothers inside it. So, It’s up to the listener to decide whether they consider the current Sepultura line up as the real band.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave

The Newest full lenght from legendary Napalm Death finally released! Once again, Napalm Death’s concerns are realised through intense, devastatingly brutal songs that venture into groovier, neckbreaking mid-tempo passages to allow the listener to take a breath before vicious blast beats pummel you out of existence. There's only few really trustworthy bands on extreme metal scene and British's Napalm Death is definitely on the list. Over the years they have proven themselves to be one of the most honest and uncompromising bands that have ever existed on this planet and there's probably no force in the universe that could stop them or at least soften their balls. It's no wonder that almost each album recorded by these Birmingham boys turned out to be a classic one. Contain 17 tracks released by Century Media, you can be hear some death metal influences as well as some distant echoes of early Napalm Death's recordings, there's nothing like a revolution, from the opening track „Strongarm” till the last one „De-evolution Ad Nauseum” there can be heard Napalm Death's distinctive, recognizable, trademark sound, being as always a mixture of punk rock, hardcore, grindcore and death metal influences. 27 years of grindcore violence, 27 years of being one of the hardest working, hardest touring bands on this miserable planet, Napalm Death's conviction, energy and belief in honest, outspoken yet extreme music is far from being watered down. "Time Waits For No Slave", the band's 13th studio album, marks no exception . As long as this is a world gone wrong, Napalm Death will be utilizing their musical ability to attack those in charge, no matter if their fanaticism stems from a political, religious or simply greedy motivation. For all of you who call yourself as a Grinder, you must get this one!

Nasum - Doombringer

If you're looking at this album, then you're probably already a fan of Nasum and you don't need my review to convince you to have it. It's the last album by what might be the greatest grindcore band in the world after Napalm Death. Entitled : Doombringer, released by Relapse Recs.  contains 16 tracks recorded live in Osaka on January 9th, 2004 clocking in at just over 23 minutes. Of course, any Nasum fan’s reaction to Doombringer will be mixed with the sadness of knowing that we’ll never get a chance to see the band play live again. Less than a year after this concert was recorded and three days after his thirtieth birthday, Talarczyk ( Guitarist ) was killed in the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. I’m generally not a fan of live recordings because the acoustics usually suck and the bands almost always fail at capturing their studio sound in a concert setting. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sound mix on this recording was actually very good. The vocals and instruments are blended together very well without any one of them being overpowering and the intensity displayed by the band far surpasses their studio recordings also the production is so clean you’ll find yourself forgetting you’re listening to a live effort. Simply put, I don’t think Nasum has ever sounded better than they do on Doombringer! They fly through 16 songs with a staggering velocity comparable to the speed needed to escape the earth's gravitational pull, and deliver that music with a crushing force equal to a nuclear bomb. For every penny you leaved, this is a worth collected album from Nasum, and surely..., it would be the last one from them.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Circle Of The Dead Children - Zero Comfort Margin

It's a great album from Circle Of The Dead Children ( CODC ) released by Willowtip Records in 2005. And if you know nothing about CODC, so i'll tell you that CODC is a Grindcore band from Pensylvania, USA. CODC and their "Zero Comfort Margin" are a must for all of you who are fans of fast and brutal music. This is totally an insane release! Not to be overstatement but i think, probably CODC is one of the few bands which I actually call "brutal." Low as hell guttural vocals, insane screaming, heavy bass/guitar and awesome double bass drumming. Lyrically, CODC's writing style is above any grindcore band. Not exactly any humour, political, or any angry lyrics, but along the lines of abstract thinking. Most of it isn't exactly "thinking" because most of the songs seem like they come from a specific influence. The fact that there's a 'Terror Alert' on the CD that says this CD "may contain backward and/or subliminal messages" kind of lets you in on what to expect from their lyrics. 15 tracks inside "Zero Comfort Margin" last for almost 20 Minutes. 20 Minutes of blasting Grindcore that's suitable for activities such as being boiled alive. Yarghhhhh!!

Forgotten - Tiga Angka Enam

Started in Ujung Berung, Bandung, Indonesia years ago, here it come Forgotten, an Indonesian Death Metal legend with their crucial re-release, "Tiga Angka Enam". Album that released in 2003 by rottrevore Recs. quickly shocked my brain by way of the topic of all lyrics inside. It's somewhat unussual, quietly controversial, they show the people how to refuse all dogmas about God and religion in pretenaturally way. Actually, i reccomend to all of you who are "close minded" type of people not to hear this one, it's only for the people who can accept everything as a new discourse with widely open hand. As a one of Indonesian Death Metal legend, should we doubt about their musical quality? I think we should not, it's a guarantie for all of you who are crazy about Death Metal music. Consist of 10 heavy and powerfully tracks that well kept with good sound of recording, i assume that hearing this "Tiga Angka Enam" from Forgotten is a must for all of you who claim yourself as a metalhead.

Agathocles - Grind Is Protest

The most important thing when talk about Agathocles is their long period existence since 1985 and it means that they had been stayed true to themselves for almost twenty-five years! This newest ‘Grind Is Protest’ is a feast of recognition because the band returns to the ferocious period mid nineties. Consists of 40 tracks of "gone in a minute" songs. The album's duration last less then 38 minutes, it mean every single song last less then a minute! You can moan and say Agathocles repeats himself, but what you see is what you get : honest grindcore, great Sound Shape Studio sound, without compromise and filled with left winged socio-economical attitude. On their eleventy-billionth release, Agathocles once again lay into all the usual suspects, fuming and raging against militarism, fascisms and a whole host of other bad –isms with the single-mindedness that’s prerequisite to spending 20 years trying to make a career out of dozens of splits with no name bands on fly by night labels and poorly attended basement shows while giving the finger to niceties like health insurance, rent money and retirement funds. I wish Tony ((R.I.P) Bass Player ) were still here to enjoy it. Well, just enjoy, this is Agathocles is mincing the core!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ok Karaoke - Sail Off The Storm

As i know, Ok karaoke is a side project from AK//47 members. There are two members of AK//47 get involved inside Ok Karaoke. But don't get me wrong, this is not a grindcore, hardcore or another metal kinda genre of music. Yeah, Ok Karaoke would give to us an easy listening pop music revere to bands like The Stone Roses, New Order, Morrisey, Sigur Ros, etc. Entitled "Sail Off The Storm" contain 6 easy poppy tracks, Ok Karaoke would take their best chance entering major music industry competition. In some part, they remind me to one of Indonesian indie pop finest; Pure Saturday in playing this kind of pop music. Metaphoric lyrics, two of them written in Indonesian language and the rest in english. The great thing about this E.P is the sound. It's clean, wide, and catchy, guitars played with easy riffs, right tone, it's totally perfect. I bet that everybody in the band must be very serious during the recording session. In the end, i would say that Ok Karaoke must go back to recording studio soon and doing something for their debut full length because i can't wait any longer to hear it. So, just lay down your body in the bed, don't forget about a cup of sweet black coffee, and ladies and gentlemen.. here they come, Ok Karaoke!

Morbid Dust - War Are Forever

"War are forever" is the first album from Morbid Dust, one of death metal finest from semarang, Indonesia. Very technical, furious guitar riffs ( you can check the great harmony guitar interlude between their duet guitar players in the track entitled : Dancing Bullet. ) with good drumming skill. Released under Rottrevore records ( a weel known metal label in Indonesia ), consist 11 tracks that last for 40 minutes. I don't know why, in my opinion, althought everyone in this band doing their best performance for this album, the drum's sound not quite wide. Maybe there are some constraints in recording or mixing process. All lyrics are written in english, mostly tell about war and it victims, patriotism (?), and zionism. Overall, it's a brutal death metal that well kept with great skill in playing music. for you all who big fans of Hand Of God, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, etc.

Misery Index - Retaliate

Generally everyone who are grindcore fans should know who Misery Index is by now. The band was formed from 3 ex-member of DYING FETUS and through Misery Index they’ve achieved more attention then they got in Dying Fetus. Not to say that Dying Fetus is underrated. They’ve got their own fans as well.
This album acts as Misery Index’s debut, released in 2003. It shows how late I am in getting the good band playing in my cd player. Misery Index, from my opinion, is a band filled with hate and vengeance towards the unjustified world. Their lyrics mostly subjective in nature, just like most of the grindcore bands were talking about, and that just makes me label Misery Index as a grindcore band.
Musically, I would say that Matt Byers (drums) did hell of a job in Misery Index’s machineries! His energy is undoubtedly was in its peak when the recording took place. Although with the modern technology, the sounds are adjustable here and there, with the help of trigger, etc, but I will better not to talk about that (since I am not qualified enough to be classified as a grindcore drum player eh). Guitar works remind me a lot to NASUM , but not enough “grind” to make it comparable to them ( i think everyone would be agree if i say that Nasum is more grindcore than Misery Index).
I would say that Misery Index is a better blend of grindcore with a touch of technical death metal. It is hard to say which track will be your favorite (so does any grindcore and brutal death metal albums!). I’d say that several tracks do attract me such as Retaliate, Angst Isst Die Seele Auf, Order Upheld/Demand Dissolved and a good cover of BRUTAL TRUTH’s Birth Of Ignorance.

In conclusion, Misery Index is another band that is worth collected, not only for grindcore fans but death metal fans as well.

Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation

I was surprised to hear such an album. I was absolutely shocked... It seems that sweat and adrenaline are not that "attractive" anymore to the hordes of - in general - Metalheads. Maturity, atmosphere/misery and anger spread everywhere and I begin to wonder what happened to all those bands that once stood tall fighting anything conservative, anywhere, anyhow...
Based in Richmond, Virginia this quartet has existed for some nine years (or more?) with a couple of indie releases and - as I was informed - a set of "underground" split records. A rather young band, Municipal Waste mix the basic elements of 80's American Thrash and Hardcore, with speed rhythms supported by furious guitars - yes, the "must" bridge parts are apparent - and demonized but "clean & thrashy" vocals.
"Hazardous Mutation" consists of 15 tracks and lasts no longer than 26-27 minutes, it seem that Municipal Waste would not let us to have time to get bored. With an average track length of 1,5-2 minutes you know what to expect. The likes of Nuclear Assault, Gangreen, D.R.I. and Sacred Reich, some Anthrax and Toxic, some more from S.O.D. and M.O.D. and you just have to do the math. In a relevant production, "Hazardous Mutation" really impressed me, guiding my neck to dangerous moves all around. "Death Ripper", "Accelerated Vision", "Mind Eraser" (man, the opening riff...), "Set To Destruct" and "The Thrashin Of Christ" (gods!) can be featured as the best among fifteen equally good tunes, whose energy transmission I'm afraid to assume during a live show...
Think of the prementioned "influences" of Municipal Waste. Most of them don't even exist and the rest certainly do not proudly justify their reason for further "living". If you're an old-school Thrash/Crossover maniac, do not miss the chance to hear something really fresh, even if retro. I have to clear out how many years have passed since the last time I "met" such a band... also, having "these" lyrics. So.., Enter the pit, adrenaline starts to flow!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dead Vertical - Infecting The World

 Ok, this is a trio from east Jakarta, indonesia, Playing european Grindcore with maximum skill. "Infecting The World" is their second full length after their first full length entitled "Fenomena Akhir Jaman' released in the begining of 2004 and their mini album " Global madness" ( Released in the end of 2007 ). Dead Vertical is one of the best grindcore band in Indonesia, good sound, powerfull throat, everything that a grindcore band can give. They reach their best chance when selected as a opening act for Napalm Death show in 2007. "Infecting The World" contain 21 powerfull and heavy tracks including intro and outro in the begining and the end of the album, lyrics mostly written in english but there are some tracks that written in indonesian languange as "Polemik", "Buta", and "Elit". In the end of this review, i can say that this one is a must to be heard, for you who revere to Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Misery Index and Repulsion.

Monday, January 19, 2009

AK//47 - Barricades close the street, but open the way.

It,s a grindcore band from Semarang, Indonesia. Come up with their second full length that released in November 2007 by Grindcore Ninja Commando Team & Reservoir Records. There are 13 tracks inside it, fast, loud, simply riffs & double kick right in your face. No doubt that AK//47 is a band with special atitude with their music, talk a lot about political issue and their disagreement with many things that hapened in semarang Hardcore/Grindcore's scene.
Formed in 1999, their music is crossing over from punk rock, hardcore to grindcore. There are many style inside this one, it seem that they try to mix many various spirit inside their music and bang it to the edge with simple and straight lyrics. In some tracks also you can see that AK//47 very influenced by some NYHC bands like Sick Of It All, you can check that at the 9th track : Slave Who Wears Brown - It's another anti cop's song that played fast with simply riffs and Hardcore beat in common. It's quietly differrent with the 1st track that sound so grindcore according to bands like hellnation, yacobsae, etc. But Overall, this is grindcore for sure!
Hope you find this one, good for you who interested in "gone in a minute'  music. Or contact them at :