Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls

It was the first full length studio album by these crucial old school hardcore straight edge legend - Youth Of Today. This "Break Down The Walls" LP originally released in 1987 under Wishingwell Recs. and by the time was re-released by Reveleation Recs. in 1997. This album contains 13 greats straight ahead hardcore tracks with aggressive, honest and positive lyrics. Very fast songs that full filled with emotion and everything being played sounded fast, simple loud and raw.
What really brings out sense of hardcore, at least for me, are Ray Cappo's vocals. They're so intense, so desperate and so urgent. That was hardcore used to be completely based on- a need for change, a positive philosophy. At the end, Youth Of Today with this "Break Down The Walls" LP are a legendary old school hardcore band with Ray Cappo on vocal, a must for anyone who listens to HC.

Download Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls full album

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Suffocation - Souls To Deny

This was the 4th full length studio album by these Death Metal leading band - Suffocation that was released by Relapse Records in April 2004. Contains 8 tracks which all are a prove that It's a true-to-form return for death metal's kings of brutality after a very long waiting since their previous album, "Pierced from Within " in 1995. Suffocation's music is exactly how it's name implies: Suffocating. The guitars have so much low end it sometimes feels like you're wading through mud listening to them. There are very few moments on this album where you don't feel as if the band isn't playing as intensely as they possibly can. This album feature awesome drumming from one of death metal's finest drummers-Mike Smith. His drum fills and double bass work never gets boring,t he guitar riffs and leads still sound original, and vokillist Frank Mullen has one of the best growls in the genre,deep and throaty from the bowels of hell. The production is perfectly clean, the instruments sound incredible, and the vocals sound perfect also the mixing and mastering is incredible , The artwork is incredible, everything that a Death Metal should give. What more can we say? Just bang your head then..

Download Suffocation - Souls To Deny full album