Sunday, July 12, 2009

AK//47 - Dikotomi Dialektis ( Promo CD Sampler )

This CD sampler by these Three Chords Grindcore band from Semarang city, Indonesia - AK//47 - are a warming up before their Thirth full lentgh studio album that would be released in the middle of September this year. Adding one more guitarist and now become a quartet, make the band's sounding more heavier than in their previous 2006 full length album : "Barricades Close the Street, But Open The Way". Contains 3 tracks, this CD Sampler give us a heavy guitar sound running with blast beat drumming that prepacked with socio political lyrics, while sometimes in the middle of the track, they mix their standardize thundering grindcore with Stoner Rock Guitar Riffing.
Formed in 1999, it's been more than 10 years AK//47 kickin around in Indonesian Hardcore/Punk/Grindcore scene. And this is their newest effort in 2009 after their 2nd full lentgh in 2006, and surely, they're stil and would still... Grindcore! Enjoy!

Download AK//47 - Dikotomi Dialektis ( Promo CD Sampler )

Monday, July 6, 2009

In My Eyes - Nothing To Hide

Last known full length studio album by these Boston Straight Edge leading band - In My Eyes - released in 2000 under Revelation Records. Contains 11 tracks,
This album is flashback to all that was cool about the straight edge scene in the late eighties. During this genre's heyday bands that sounded like this were saturating the hardcore scene and even the most ravenous fans found themselves deluged with countless variations on a somewhat limited theme. This album also Showing a somewhat more developed style than that on their first album (The Difference Between), this album incorporated more melodic elements, along with some experimentation , a characteristic rare in hardcore. Track 9, "What's Wrong With Me?", is a cover of the legendary Washington DC Hardcore punk band The Faith which originally appeared on the Void/Faith split 12".
Boasting an overall better set of songs and fuller production, Nothing to Hide is an improved sophomore set from In My Eyes, although it retains all the energy and passion of Difference Between. Minor Threat is still the band's dominant influence -- both in terms of music and straight-edge attitude -- but Nothing to Hide also shows a neo-hardcore band coming into its own, beginning to break away from the imitation phase and develop its own style.

Download In My Eyes - Nothing To Hide full album