Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carnage - Dark Recollections

This was the first full length album after several demos from these Swedish death metal finest whose members later went on to found Dismembers and Arch Enemy. This album was released under well known Earache Recs in 1990, contains 18 old school death metal tracks.
Carnage can be called one of those one-hit wonders of old school death metal. The band was initially formed as a grindcore band calling themselves Global Carnage at the end of 1988 but later renamed themselves and started playing straight up death metal. Carnage only lasted a very short time, and this is their only available release. The former members of Carnage also went on to form and join other bands likes of Dismember/Carcass/and Entombed. That should give you a very good idea of what to expect here. It's a mixure of all three of those bands in one, and let me tell you, it's incredible to say the least. The vocals are straight from hell, and the musicianship is very good. Considering the fact that they were originally grindcore, the band still maintain some of their former elements, as can be seen in songs like Gentle Exhuming but the real flare of the band can be heard on songs like the title track, Death Evocation (later covered by Dismember) and Infestation of Evil where the listener can hear and appreciate how mature and cohesive their work is, considering the age of the band members, and after listening to this, listeners will probably feel like someone drove a chainsaw through their brains but they’ll keep coming back for more because they will enjoy how insane the album is. Enjoy then.

Download Carnage - Dark Recollections full album.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution

This was the last known full length CD album by these legendary grindcore trailblazers BRUTAL TRUTH after more than 10 years hiatus. Released under well known Relapse Recs. in the middle of April 2009, this CD contains 20 tracks which they are really absolutely top-notch grindcore. It is quite literally like having a steam roller drive over you for 30 minutes as your teeth grind into the asphalt. Yet it is much faster than that. For anyone who has ever had racing thoughts; pop this album on your turntable and prepare to get psycho.
Most importantly, the album sounds extremely modern, as if Brutal Truth was in a constant state of evolution while away from the spotlight. Many new areas are explored, with most directions yielding results that put bands with similar approaches to shame. Twenty songs, forty minutes, no nonsense, all grind. Kicking off with the awesome "Sugardaddy" and continuing at the same breakneck rate for its duration, it's a barrage of blastbeats, throttled guitar necks and caustic barked vocals. So there you have it, Evolution Through Revolution is a record so good that it can only be described by pointing out how it kicks other bands' asses. Enjoy then.

Download Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution full album.