Saturday, May 30, 2009

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Hongky Reduction

This was the first full length studio album by these Massachusetts Grindcore leading band - Agoraphobic Nosebleed, released in 1998 under Relapse Records. For almost a decade, Agoraphobic Nosebleed has been providing us with pure acid grind. Starting as two-piece (most notably on Honkey Reduction) Jay Randoll (vocals) and Scott Hull (guitar, drum programming) set out to alter our way of listening to music and redefined the grindcore genre.
Contains 26 tracks, this album was massive Blazing hardcore in the finest traditions of power violence and blur. All songs are incredibly well structured and this gets me to the next point, another huge difference in this album is that all the songs are individual tracks, I mean this album has a concept yes, but it is not like every other conceptual album with all of the songs attached to each other, in Honky Reduction you will be able to know when a song ends and the next one begins, and the context is still there with a lot of power and supremacy. The drum machine belts out beats that are just flat out punishing to the ears and faster than any human drummer could do without an injury. Former A.C. guitarist Scott Hull puts out some nice low tuned riffing madness and vocalist Jay Randall has the perfect balance between low grindcore growls and screams. In this 18 grueling minutes and 26 songs you will find yourself wanting more. Enjoy!

Download Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Hongky Reduction full album

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing

The music genre : Metalcore wasn’t a well known genre in 1998, but this foursome had already been at it for eight years at that point. Converge was formed in 1990 by Jacob Bannon ( Vocalist ) and Kurt Ballou ( Guitarist). They first started by playing covers of hardcore punk, punk rock and heavy metal songs, being self-confessed "hardcore kids with leftover Slayer riffs". Converge came from Combining the anger and speed of hardcore/metalcore and kicking it up a notch with some great instrumental abilities and a unique sound that no band could quite possibly match. And this "When Forever Comes Crashing" CD was the thirth full length released under Equal Vision Records in 1998. Contains 12 tracks includes one unreleased demo track, this allbum was full filled with uncomromising speed and power with many quick and dramatic tempo shifts. Noisy yet technical guitarwork ala Rorschach, fast drumming, and plenty of psychotic vocals. this album may be hard to get into at first due to the insane vocal stylings of jacob bannon. For you fans of the thrashy, more metally side of Converge, this album fits. It's a more thrashy and angry side, as seen in the opening track : "My Unsaid Everything". Enjoy!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Poison The Well - Tear From The Red

This was the 2002 studio album by these Post Hardcore leading band - Poison The Well under Trustkill Records.Contains 10 tracks,"Tear From The Red" is a very experimental album. In many aspects, it's a step forward from their first release -"The Opposite Of December". Gone are the repetitive chugging lines and raspy vocals. All the instruments have definitely improved and Jeffrey Moreira's singing abilities have almost doubled.Tear From The Red was originally planned to be 11 original songs and one cover song but the cover plan was ditched before recording. The ability to be extremely heavy and then at the next turn become breathtakingly beautiful. Even the acoustic track "Horns and Tails" is written in a way where even though it is acoustic you can sense the same level of power as with Turn Down Elliot or Rings from Corona. Many people dont give it props because it lacks all the showy solos and kill me lyrics, but they replace that with raw emotion and feeling in each and everyone of the songs on this album. By the way, This was one of crucial albums when Trustkill records dominating the worldwide hardcore scene, let's have some memories. :)

Download Poison The Well - Tear From The Red full album

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cephalic Carnage - Xenosapien

This was the last known full length studio album by these Colorado's Death Grinders - Cephalic Carnage - Released under Relapse Records in 2007. Contains 12 tracks, this album was an insanely brutal, technically precise, experiment in extreme death metal. To describe what kind of genre Cephalic Carnage goes into, you would have to list off about 5 or 6 genres just to come close to what it really sounds like. Cephalic Carnage's music incorporates a variety of genres, including doom metal, grindcore, black metal, jazz, sludge metal, stoner rock, and death metal. This is one technical album. I was expecting an all out Grind assault when I first bought this album. I was completely wrong. This band is a mix of Grind, Death, Doom, and Marajuana. That makes a great mix that the band likes to call Hydrogrind. John Merryman's drumming is insane, he is all over the kit, perfect timing, ingenius fills and rolls, and also Lenzig Leal's vocals may not be the best of the genre, but he has a good range of styles that he mixes up, he is never boring to listen to and he can match the guttural growls with a high pitched scream. Just check them out, get a new experience.

Download Cephalic Carnage - Xenosapien full album

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

7 Seconds - Good To Go

Formed in the early 80's, 7 Seconds has been a mainstay on the hardcore scene since then. And this was the 1999 full length released under Side One Dummy Records in June 1999. Contains 16 solid tracks which all are full filled with melodic power with sheer backbreaking mayhem. All songs racing through in less than thirty minutes, you'll be hard pressed to find a song that isn't loaded with intensity, sweat, and blood. These guys know what they're doing and do it well. Kevin Seconds proves once again that he's an insightful lyricist. 7 Seconds are able to profoundly express their convictions of unity, the strength of an individual, anti-racism, and gender equality without limiting themselves to one audience. They make it known that they aren't "hard" and everyone is welcome to share their music and message. Check this one out, for all of you who still believe in old tradition of Hardcore.

Download 7 Seconds - Good To Go full album

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Social Distortion - Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell

This was the 1992 full length studio album by these American rock living legend, Social Distortion, released under Sony Music. Contains 11 powerfull tracks, Social Distortion finally find the most healthy balance between their two major influences, the country anguish of Johnny Cash and the furious punk rock sound of early The Clash. The album has a similar sound to the previous, eponymous, album, said to be a blend of "punk, blues, country and rockabilly. The songs are great but it just comes across as flat as can be. Like they just hit upon some middle line and never stray from it. It is definately the most country influenced album that they have ever released but it still holds on to their punk roots. So, enjoy!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anal Cunt - It Just Gets Worse

This was the 1999 full length album by these American most obnoxious & offensive grindcore bands ever - Anal Cunt, released under Earache Records. The album was recorded between August 1998 and August 1999, although the majority of it was recorded after the band's 1998 tour in Japan. Contains 20 tracks, this album was understandably the subject of much controversy, receiving universally negative reviews and heavy criticism from much of the music press. It was intentionally created to be incredibly offensive and contains blatant vulgarity, in the form of misogyny, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and general tastelessness.  Basically, Seth Putnam ( Th founder member and also the vocalist ) wanted to create the most offensive band name, the most offensive lyrics, and make some of the most annoying and offensive music ever created. If you take music seriousally or just easily get offended, stay away from this band. At first listen they are hard to hear, but listen more and more and you'll get the full experince.  Check them out!

Download Anal Cunt - It Just Gets Worse full album

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Phobia - Get Up And Kill!

This was the 2004 full length album by these Southern California's grindcore masters - Phobia -  released under Deep Six Records. Contains eleven studio tracks and six lives tracks recorded on their tour with Cripple Bastards, this album gave a prove that Phobia has been punishing ears with their murderous sociopolitical grinding noise assault for a full decade. Heavily influented by bands such  Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Repulsion and Final Conflict, Phobia always give us an Angry, political grindcore with growling vocals, from the beggining to the end of this cd is 100% satisfying. They always had punk/crust influences, but they always liked metal. Just Check this one out and prove it! For you all grindcore maniacs out there.

Download Phobia - Get Up And Kill! full album

Monday, May 11, 2009

Afgrund - Vid Helvetets Grindar ( 2009 )

Formed in 2006, Afgrund managed to prepare their first release (a 5-track demo CD) in only one month. And now, here it come their second full length after the re-issued of their first album-Svarta Daggar- by Emetic Recs. in 2008, entitled "Vid Helvetets Grindar" under well known Willowtip Recs. in this 22 May 2009.
Contains 15 tracks, this album is a direct comparisons to influential and fellow Swedes Nasum. What immediately springs out and signals a departure to ‘Svarta Dagar’ of 2008 is just how good the production is. Grindcore can sound overly messy – intentional or otherwise – but Afgrund has managed to make the guitars sound metallic and almost industrial, with a huge sound that also allows the bass drop a ton of overdrive everywhere. With the drums clattering all around and with Andreas Baier and Enrico Marchi’s crusty vocals adding coarse textures over the place, this makes for a very brutal mix indeed.
So, just imagine Imagine early Entombed with blastbeats and hints of early Enslaved with a few obscure movie samples a’la Mortician. Don’t misunderstand, grindcore can be fun if written with imagination and a sense of mischief, but the 15 tracks here contain none of the above.

Afgrund have released 2 songs of their upcoming album "Vid Helvetets Grindar" on myspace, just check them out!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vison Of Disorder - Imprint

The second full length studio album by these New York Hardcore Legend - Vision Of Disorder, was released in 1998 under Roadrunner Recs. Vision Of Disorder began playing together in 1992, in Long Island New York. and then disbanded in 2002. Contains 11 tracks, this album was heavier then their self-titled debut. This album is truly incredible. It has an unrelenting power, and I don't just mean it's loud and noisy - which was how a lot of metal/hardcore fans define 'power'. I would recommend this to fans of Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, and even Deftones. Get it and it will make sense. For Pantera, Down, and Superjoint Ritual fans out there, catch Phil Anselmo on an amazing duet in the song By The River. VOD is a pioneer band of hardcore. As the scene was mutilated by MTV, they will Forever stand out.

Download Vison Of Disorder - Imprint full album.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Terrorizer - World Downfall

This was the first album by these legendary grindcore godfather - Terrorizer, originally released under Earache Recs. in 1989, and by the time it has been re-released in 1995 under the same label. "World Downfall" kind of sounds like Napalm Death, circa 1987 (the "Scum" era), except these songs are longer and David's vocals are much more constipated. This record is one long, ultra-intense, giga-heavy, super fast maelstrom composed of walls of crushing guitar noise and constant, speed of light blast beats. Contains 16 tracks which all are full filled with anger about everything that goes horribly wrong in this missreable planet this album was considered as one of the best grindcore album all the time. This is grindcore with some serious f*ckin riffs and blast beats galore. Speaking of the those, it's pretty amazing that they use it frequently but it still seems like they're placed perfectly in the songs and it just feels awesome. These guys were able to do on this record what Napalm Death were not on their first two records, which was harness the insane brutality more accurately.
And in 2006, Terrorizer been release their second full lenght album entitled : "Darker Days Ahead", but unfortunatelly a week after the album released, Jesse Pintado, The former member and also the guitarist, dead because his complications and diabetes.

Download Terrorizer - World Downfall full album

Carcass - Reek of Putrefaction

This was the first full length album from these british Grindcore living legend in 1995 released under Earache Recs. Consist of 20 fast and in your face brutal tracks, this album was a truly ferocious metal masterpiece. By the time, it was re-released in 2008 under the same label. Carcass can be consider as the inventors, with this album, of the forensic, gore, medical and autopsies lyrics; and add the collages of rotten limbs, tongues, heads and decaying corpses on the covers of the first two albums. The drumming has excellent production and Ken Owen does a brilliant job. The vocals are probably the most disgusting part of the album. As gutteral as you can get, they belt out the gore lyrics at lightning speeds.
Repulsion are rightly considered the true originators of grindcore and for good reason, but in 1987 three young Brits took their influence and made things just a bit faster, a bit gorier and ultimately even more brutal, if that were possible. Early Carcass such as this is not death metal-it's grindcore which makes it more akin to punk, hardcore, and crust. Well, grindcore is a style that is recognized not for the musical skills or for being technical. Fast-blazing drums, gutural voices, and a guitar that sounds like Tv with no signal.
This was the masterpiece by the living legend, if you are at all into gore or death metal, you need to own this album.

Download Carcass - Reek of Putrefaction full album

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Smells Like Bleach - A Punk Tribute To Nirvana

This tribute CD album to Nirvana was released by Cleopatra Recs. in 2001. Everyone from Charlie Hunter to Tori Amos has interpreted Nirvana's iconoclastic anthems, but none of them has captured Nirvana's anarchic power. Contains 12 tracks which all are covered by leading punk bands, some of the bands on here were bands which Kurt Cobain was heavily influenced by. The Vibrators cover is too damn close to the original version, Flipper might as well have done one of their own songs because they sound just like Scentless Apprentice, and DOA sound more toungue-in-cheek than reverent. If you like Nirvana and want to hear Classic punk bands do Nirvana covers the way they want to, find this album.

Download Smells Like Bleach - A Punk Tribute To Nirvana full album.