Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Voorhees - Crystal Lake's Legacy

The 2001 full length studio album by these United Kingdom's premiere hardcore punk band - Voorhees, was released under Deep Six Recs. Contains 20 track that full filled with a double-barrel blast of hardcore right in your face. Bring back the glory days of their old style sound
in the vein of negative Approach or Negative FX. Formed in 1991 in Durham, England, Voorhees
became as known
over the next decade for their never ending revolving membership as for their numerous releases. Enjoy.

Download Voorhees - Crystal Lak'e Legacy full album.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

MC5 - Back In The USA

Second album by these American radical political rock band, MC5, originally released in 1970 and by the time been re-released in CD format under Rhino Recs. in 1992. MC5 developed a reputation for energetic and polemical live performances, one of which was recorded as their 1968 debut album "Kick Out The Jams". Their initial run was ultimately short-lived, though within just a few years of their dissolution in 1972, the MC5 were often cited as one of the most important American hard rock groups of their era.
There are some first-rate songs on the album, some good musical ideas, and the musicianship is competent throughout, often fun, sometimes exciting. "Musicianship," here, is used as a concept - the idea of a "solid, clean, tight and together" sound is as self-conscious as the total freak out the first LP was. Chuck Berry simply oozes from the album. It also shows that the MC5 were ambitious and it would be more fully realized on their next (and sadly last) album High Time. The guitar soloing on Looking at You is pure rock and roll, noisy and full of emotion. In fact, Fred "Sonic" Smith's soloing is excellent throughout the entire album. Besides sounding like one of the first genuinely punk records way back in 1970 (nothing The Stooges put out sounded like this), it's just plain fun - as fun as the Ramones first album. The production on alot of it sounds like you're listening to an old AM radio, which I personally think is kind of cool. Anyway, who needs their ears blown out all the time? If you're interested in early punk, Try this one!

Download MC5 - Back In The USA full album.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle

Originally, the third album of these old time English rock band, The Zombies, was released in 1968 and by the time it was re-released by Big Beat UK in 1998. As the 30th anniversary edition of the recording, it contains both the stereo & mono versions of the original LPs 11 cuts and five bonus tracks. The band's biggest hits ("Tell Her No" and "She's Not There", both from the band's eponymous 1964 debut) had cynical undertones, a trend that continued on Odessey. The album's first cut, "Care of Cell 44", strongly recalls the wide-eyed innocence of Pet Sounds' famous "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" but for the fact that the narrator's lover is, more explicitly, daydreaming in jail. It's not a revolutionary album because the innovations prevalent here were already used on the Beatles' "Sgt Pepper" album and various Beatles singles throughout 1967. And yet, the songwriting and musicianship are first class.That leaves "Odessey And Oracle" to being reactionary--but reactionary in the best sense of the word. One could hardly blame the Zombies for that. After escaping artistic imprisonment in Manila, Rod, Chris, Colin, Paul and Hugh must have been in awe of the magical sounds coming over the airwaves and pressed in the grooves of vinyl when they got back to the Western world.
This Album was sharply re-mastered and contains bonus tracks produced and recorded by various Zombies shortly after their breakup. The bonus material is welcome, offering fascinating distillations of each member's personality. Enjoy!

Download The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle full album.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Unholy Grave - Revoltage

This was the 2007 full studio album by these Japan's Raw Grindcore band, Unholy Grave, that released under Agromosh Records.
23 tracks including the intro and outro, recorded in DIY style for a true old school sound. The amazing point about this band is they build their very own sound and personality and i think I'd always be able to recognize Unholy Grave between hundreds or thousands other bands. The pace is fast and chaotic with no signs of letting up to the end. There are a few midpaced parts but the are far and few between. Imagine Napalm Death as the gateway drug and these guys as heroin. This band have a totally unique raw sound, original vocals, alternating growls and hysterical screams, but it's not the usual way of uttering grindcore vocals... here it's really grotesque, funny, (sometimes they laugh or do very strange throaty noises...) and in the same time filled with extreme intensity and anger! The guitars have an amazing dirty sound, riffs are grindy, basic and simply kick ass, with blasting parts and also crusty midtempos plus groovy rythms, but always played with intensity and never getting boring.
Unholy Grave have arguably donated their best material on this album, with some songs verging more into D-beat while others getting into the Metal zone but still staying punk as fuck!!! This CD will leave you devastated.

Download Unholy Grave - Revoltage full album

Ed Gein - Judas Goats and Diesel Eaters

This 2005 full length CD by these Syracuse political grindcore leading act, Ed Gein, was very much the prototypical Black Market Activities album; it’s technical, chaotic, and numbingly intense. Ed Gein does the "hardcore meets grindcore by way of death metal" that North American bands are increasingly favoring nowadays. However, what sets Ed Gein apart is its sheer physicality. There aren't any guitar solos, wheedly technical runs, or nods to melody here. Ed Gein can be considered a "conscious" band, if you will, and their powerful lyrics tell this well. The band takes very firm and passionate stances on their ideologies, and this is refreshing when so many songs these days are losing their meaning (at least lyrically) from being cloaked in useless poetic devices. If you're wondering how these lyrics could possibly fit into vocal patterns, don't bother. The lyrics seem to have been written first and then forcibly inserted into songs, resulting in some heavy enjambment. this album is more straightforward grind, very low and crunchy, a great sounding recording. Enjoy!

Download Ed Gein - Judas Goats and Diesel Eaters Full Album.