Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spazz - Sweatin' 3: Skatin', Satan & Katon

Spazz was an influential American powerviolence band active between 1992 and 2000. The trio released numerous records within this time, many of which are now highly collectible due to their relative rarity."Sweatin' 3" is part three of a three part series from SPAZZ that collects rare, obscure and out-of-print tunes. It is also their first posthumous release. It containzz 67 songzz from splitzz with 25 TA LIFE (the most infamous SPAZZ release ever), MONSTER X, GOB, L.O.I., OPSTAND, BLACK ARMY JACKET, SLOBBER and HIRAX plus the complete "Tastin' Spoon" 5" and several compilation trackzz including the scarce classic "Gummo Love Theme."They’ve stretched their back catalog to three volumes and this CD was the final installment. the only single that is absent is the limited to 300 jeb ep that came out after this disc but really isnt much of a loss. for those of you who are not crazy for vinyl this is essential. intense blast beat mayhem that still remains catchy and the songs distinguishable from the last. once you own this and know its greatness you should finish Bridges, Jesus Philbin, Funeral Shock, Scholastic Deth and What Happens Next.

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