Friday, July 13, 2012

Kungfu Rick - Fragments Of The Past Time

Kungfu Rick was a Hardcore/Power Violence band from Chicago, IL They played a dizzying display of brutal Grind violence with a raw punk energy. They also had dual vocals, one the now infamous leader of HWC inc. Tommy Camaro, and second a masked man named "The Dark Enforcer".They released a number of 7" albums and before calling it quits, though their Facebook page has seen some activity recently, 625 Thrashcore released basically their entire discography on two CDs entitled Fragments of the Past Time. This release is an insane blasting, ear crushing midwest grinding fastcore. This release is one gigantic, fan-friendly chunk of powerviolence. You'd probably think that two discs of this stuff would amount to a total of 30 minutes knowing how some of these bands opted for the 20-second format, but Kungfu Rick's discography here is well over 50 minutes, per disc.Kungfu Rick were a tight band and navigate the tempo shifts successfully but that’s not enough to prevent it from becoming numbing after awhile.At the time, these guys were compared to MÖRSER and other German grind units, but their over-the-top live shows, the intelligence of the lyrics, and above all, the brutality of their music, have gained them now cult status.
This double CD discography collects everything this head-crushing unit ever did, plus a few unreleased morsels mixed in for good measure. Enjoy.

Kungfu Rick Facebook
Kungfu Rick Website
Download Disc 1
Download Disc 2


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