Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Agathocles - This is not a Threat, It's a Promise.

After more than twenty five years existence and the monumental last known studio album in 2009 entitled "Grind Is Protest", the mince core living legend get back with their 2010 studio album called "This is not a Threadn It's a Promise" that released under Selfmade God Records.
Everything on this album is still as simple as it ever was for Agathocles, but what we get back is a catchiness I haven’t heard from them in a while. The songs have slowed down, the vocals have changed, and a new groove in the sound makes “This is a no Threat” a great musical return for these Belgians. The Punk Rock tunes on “God Save The Real Green Crocodile” in the vein of the UK Subs are a delight to listen to. The lowered vocals paint a contrasts with the music that is better than ever and they have lost none of their lyrical criticism. The thing that stands out is the rumbling growl almost doom/sludge tone in the anthemic punk-like riffs alongside some killer d-beats that gives the tracks that ideal wrecking ball effect as they crash straight into your brain. Definitely brutal and unforgiving old school blasts that will make anyone stop and go “What the Fuck?” before responding in favor or against. AGATHOCLES frontman Jan AG comments: This album contains all elements which AG uses to create their brand of mince core. Going from raw punk to d-beat to old-school straightforward grind, backed up with three different vocal styles. This time the lyrics deal with topics like losing your job and waiting for the repo man, scenesters, elections, the worldwide economic crisis, modern technology and the rise of Big Brother, and more. Get ready for another old-school, raw, mince core blast!

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